How To Take Care Of Long Hair – We’re Sharing ALL Our Secrets!

Sonali PawarSonali Pawar  |  Mar 29, 2017
How To Take Care Of Long Hair – We’re Sharing ALL Our Secrets!


Long and gorgeous tresses are every girl’s dream, but achieving it is a long process…and maintaining it is even more difficult! If you are looking for some tips on how to keep your hair healthy and happy, you’ve come to the right place. Team POPxo is here to help you take care of your long and gorgeous mane. We’ve each shared one simple hair care tip that we swear by and we hope it helps you too! Use these tips to care for your long hair and see the transformation.

1. Deep conditioning all the way

1 care for your long hair

Somya Suresh, Senior Writer & Copy Editor

‘I have super curly, dry and dull hair that need to be conditioned if I want them to look healthy. I opt for deep conditioning every fortnight. If I can’t get myself to go to a salon, I take a regular conditioner, spread it on my damp hair and cover it up with a steaming hot towel for about 15 minutes, in two rounds. It really softens the ends and cuts down the frizz – making my hair shine and look healthy!’

2. The good ol’ champi

2 care for your long hair

Manasvi Jaitly, Senior Wedding Writer

‘Complicated home remedies or expensive hair packs are not really my thing. Plus they’re all so time consuming. But one ritual that I’ve been following since I was in school is to oil my hair every Sunday morning. A good champi is so essential to nourish your scalp and to keep your hair healthy. I use a basic hair oil by Himalaya and keep it on for at least an hour before washing my hair. And it really does make a difference!’

3. Buttermilk to the rescue!

3 care for your long hair

Apoorva Gupta, Editorial Coordinator

‘After endless efforts to find the perfect hair products for my curly, frizzy hair went in vain; I decided to give home remedies a try. Buttermilk is my favourite ingredient when it comes to haircare. I just apply it and let it sit for a good 50 minutes. The result is softer and shinier hair. It’s simple and so easy!’

4. The best use of leftover beer

4 care for your long hair

Divya Sharma, Assistant Editor

‘My mom likes to drink beer – though I won’t ever understand why! A few years ago, after a get together at our place, there were quite a few half bottles of beer left. No one was going to drink them, obviously. So I asked my mom to give me one since I had to wash my hair that night. I went about shampooing as usual and then just rinsed my hair with the leftover beer. It barely took a minute but once dry, my hair felt so, so, SO soft! This is definitely an amazing hack when you don’t have too much time for hair packs or spas!’

5. Locking in moisture does the trick!

5 care for your long hair

Srishti Gupta, Senior Lifestyle Writer

‘I’ve had long hair for as long as I can remember, thanks to my mom and grandmom. One thing I’m very particular about is the way I brush my hair. Instead of brushing from scalp to roots, I start from the bottom half and work my way up. This prevents small tangles from becoming knots and ultimately, keeps breakage minimal. Another thing I always do is a last cold water rinse once I’ve washed my hair. It locks in the moisture from the conditioner and also makes my hair shiny and healthy looking!’

6. Yogurt for fab locks

6 care for your long hair

Krithika Kumar, Features Writer

‘I have always wanted long hair and it took me a really long time to get here. I have super straight thin hair so taking care of them is twice as hard. I oil my hair every alternate day and wash them daily. Even though a lot of people don’t believe in washing their hair everyday, I’m used to it. On weekends (or whenever I get time), I apply yoghurt on my scalp and leave it in for 20 minutes. It has really made a big difference over the years.’

7. No egg masks, please!

7 care for your long hair

Nitya Uppal, Senior Editor

‘I have been told repeatedly, by various relatives, that I need to use a mixture of egg, curd and lemon as a hair mask. It’s that one homemade remedy that rescued my cousin’s tresses when she was dealing with damaged hair, and it’s also the same reason everyone is envious of my niece’s thick mane. But I just can’t stand the smell of raw egg! So what do I do instead? I deep condition! Whenever I feel like my hair needs some pampering, I shampoo, then leave the conditioner in for 20 minutes. Try it! It’ll transform your tresses.’

8. Hair hacks always work, always!

8 care for your long hair

Akanksha Sharad, Social Media Coordinator

‘My hair growth is super slow and on top of it, it is super thin! It took a while for them to grow this long but then, for some reason, my hair got so weak that they were constantly falling. So my main concern is just avoiding that hair fall. I noticed it after waking up and post washing my hair. I used to sleep with untied hair, but once I started sleeping with my hair loosely tied in a top bun, I started waking up with lesser hair on my pillow every morning. Also, after washing my hair I never wrap them in a towel, but in a cotton T-Shirt. It not only prevents the hair fall but also reduces the frizz!’

9. The wonder of onion juice

9 care for your long hair

Abhilasha Rauthan, Events Manager

‘I had short hair all my life but after school, I decided to grow it out. The one remedy that someone suggested was to apply onion juice as it’s good for hair growth. I was a bit skeptical about this home remedy as onion is supposed to stink even after you wash it off. But I decided to try it nevertheless. You have to apply the onion juice on your scalp for two hours and wash it off. Surprisingly, my hair didn’t smell after washing. This remedy didn’t only help my hair grow, but also provided it with much-needed shine and smoothness.’

10. Keeping it simple with conditioning

10 care for your long hair

Dakshee Haryani, Senior Social Media Manager

‘To keep my long hair healthy and shiny, I make sure I condition them properly. I know this sounds like the most boring tip but a lot of girls don’t properly concentrate their conditioner on the *length* of their hair. Instead, they use the conditioner generously on the roots. While washing your hair, always concentrate the shampoo on your roots and scalp, and do the opposite for the conditioner. Leave the conditioner on for 2-3 minutes before washing and you’re good to go!’

So, which hair care tip does the trick for you?