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10 Ways Your First Job Changes You… For The Better!

10 Ways Your First Job Changes You… For The Better!

The very first job you do in your life will teach you a lot of things! It’s the first time you are given such responsibility and a few personality changes are a given. Though many of us are scared of what this job experience will be like and often imagine a darker, sadder, no-freedom-post-work picture, a few of the best life lessons you will learn will be from your professional life. So here are 10 ways your first job changes you…for the better!

1. You reach everywhere on time!

There was a time when you used to wake up fifteen minutes before your afternoon class in college but that’s all in the past, isn’t it? Now you reach work on time…sometimes even earlier! Gradually, you begin to get so used to getting up early that those sleepy afternoons seem like a different life altogether.

2. Money is more than just a piece of paper

The phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees” finally makes sense now! You come to realize that it takes hard work to earn money in the real world and while spending it comes easy, you have to learn to put a limit to it.

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3. But it’s not your only priority

However you also realize that money doesn’t run the world. It looks like it does but there is much more to love and yearn for in this world than money. And it’s only when you have to choose between earning more money and taking some time off for your peace of mind, that you realize this.

4. You give your 100% to everything

You cannot, absolutely cannot, do anything with half of your heart. Until you are ready to give it everything you’ve got, you’re never going to reach that goal you have in your mind. When you start working and have to motivate yourself to churn out every ounce of your energy is when you see that while it may be tough, it’s totally worth it.

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5. Tantrums are for babies

You’ve grown up. Yup, that’s just it. You can no longer crib about your life and hope everything is going to get better. A job teaches you to stop cribbing and start acting.


6. Your problems are your own to solve

And when you get down to acting, remember that there will be hurdles. Lots of them, in fact. Mostly, there will be a helping hand to guide you too but no one will solve the puzzle for you. It’s on you to put the pieces back together until you reach the outcome you desire.

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7. You learn to agree to disagree

This is one of the most important changes a job brings about in your life. We all think we’re right where we stand and anyone who opposes us must be wrong. But in the real world, it’s not all so black and white. In fact, it’s mostly just grey. So you have to learn to agree to disagree about certain things. Just because two people have opposing views doesn’t mean one is wrong and one is right. They can be both be right and both be wrong. I know…crazy, right?

8. Going that extra mile is always a good idea!

Remember when they said hard work is the key to success? They were right. And hard work is the toughest to do when it actually requires you to step out of your comfort zone. Everyone works during the office hours but would you spend that extra hour, once you’re back home, preparing for the presentation tomorrow? That’s all that makes the difference.


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9. You let bygones be bygones

It’s always best to not keep a grudge against people, in life and in work…especially when you have to share a room with them!

10. The people around you matter

Just like in life, at your job too, the people around you define who you are and what your attitude would be like. Keep the ones that make you happy close, and don’t let the negativity take over. You learn to grow with each other instead of growing above each other.

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30 Jan 2017

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