Confessions: How Guys Feel About Girls Making The First Move!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
Confessions: How Guys Feel About Girls Making The First Move!


We’re all used to the whole boy sees girl, walks up to talk to her, initiates conversation and keeps the effort going kind of scenario! But what happens when girls make the first move? How does it make guys feel? We rounded up a bunch of our guy friends and asked them for an honest answer. Find out what they had to say…

1. “It makes me think that the girl is really confident…and makes me want to talk to her even more!”

– 24, Graphic Designer

girls make the first move

2. “I love it! Makes it so much easier for me. Because I never really know how to initiate a conversation.”

– 21, Student

3. “I admire the confidence. I get a bit nervous when I have to talk to a girl. So when she does it first I really appreciate it!”

– 25, Engineer

girls make the first move

4. “Honestly…I’m always a little taken aback! Don’t know why. It just always catches me off guard.”

– 27, Hospitality Industry Professional

5. “Depends on how she makes a move, but for the most part, I think it’s awesome.”

– 23, Artist

girls make the first move

6. “Makes me feel rather good about myself! And her confidence is sexy.”

– 26, Art Curator

7. “I always think she’s joking at first and try to spot the bakhra chap. Haha.”

– 26, Cafe Owner

girls make the first move

8. “You could call me lazy, but I just think about me being saved all that effort!”

– 20, Student

9. “I don’t really like it much. I know it sounds a bit prejudiced, but it makes me think she’s going to be an aggressive kind of person, and it’s not something I’m comfortable with.”

33, Software Professional

10. “I feel flattered.”

– 27, Music Composer

girls make the first move

11. “It excites me. She obviously saw something even before we spoke. So it feels good!”

– 22, Athlete

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