Get, Set, Spritz: 8 Perfumes That Will Make For The Most Stunning Diwali Gifts

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 25, 2021
Get, Set, Spritz: 8 Perfumes That Will Make For The Most Stunning Diwali Gifts


Looking for a last-minute beauty gift, but can’t decide between a new hair tool, an eyeshadow palette, or a perfume? Well, consider this – a bottle of perfume looks classy and elegant sitting on one’s vanity and just one spritz can transport someone back in time. Yes, really!

Perfumes never fail to channel a feeling of warmth and happiness. Like tiny time capsules, they can momentarily take us to a time when we felt cared for, loved and confident. So, if you are planning a Diwali gift for your best friend, SO or your sister and know that she is a perfume-aholic then a fragrance would make for the perfect present.

So, to lend a helping hand, we’re listing down the best fragrances available in the market this season. From fresh and clean to warm and spicy, there’s something for everybody.

8 Perfumes That Have Our Stamp ( And Spritz) Of Approval 


Perf For That Special Occasion

This one has a cult-like following for valid reasons. The sparkling vanilla and woodsy blend make it the perfect fragrance to elevate your overall style. It’s super versatile and is a great choice for guests. Fresh and floral meets warm and sexy in this perfume. The heady, long-lasting fragrance will last long after the party is over, making it a great choice for those who like being the centre of attention.

To Rake In The Compliments

Fresh, airy, and watery – a few spritzes of this iconic perfume from Versace is honestly the closest thing to a dip in the Mediterranean. It smells delightfully modern and sensual without being too girly. Your loved one will love wearing it as a summer fragrance, but TBH, it’s a winner year-round. 

To Ooze Confidence

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your mom, or a female coworker or that special someone, you can’t simply go wrong with Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum Supreme. It breaks all the perfume rules, reinventing its olfactory family. The scent smells so uplifting with unique top notes of Egyptian jasmine and tonka beans, that it appeals to a wide palate of perfume lovers. 

This One’s A Winner

We absolutely love everything about this perfume. It brings you to a precise moment in space and time and explores the power of memory. This perfume smells like a literal dream. Infused with Roman chamomile, Indian coral jasmine and sandalwood – it’s the perfect kind of indulgent and seductive for your Saturday night out. 

Sweet, Delicious, And Totally Timeless

This perfume has beauty savants singing its praises for good reasons. The smoky and woodsy blend of amber, lemon oil, and jasmine smell straight-up sexy and mysterious. It’s the perfect perfume for date night or going out.  Well done, Ajmal & Sons.

The Cult-Loved Fragrance

This fragrance will have you at the very first spray. The fruity gourmand perfume will keep people guessing all night. It starts off smelling sweet because of the fruity facets of davana and plum, but a few hours later, wears down to a spicier scent because of the sensual oakmoss. For nights when you want to sway from dusk to dawn, this alluring scent will set the mood on the dance floor.

The One That’s Straight-Up Sexy

For the raw & unafraid of exploring, this perfume is the real deal. The fragrance is a unique blend of blushing floral notes joyfully blend with crisp aromatic notes and mouth-watering fruity shades that almost feels like an adrenaline rush. The long-lasting scent stays like a sense of fearlessness. Exactly what is needed for the next party night. 

One For The Pretty Packaging

Inside this gorgeous, iridescent-peachy bottle is a flowery combo of delicate rose petals, jasmine, and crisp apple along with vibrant lemon and pomegranate, all of which work together to exude the shocking side of chic. If you’re itching for a vacation, this can be the ‘it’ perfume for you, splash it for your next night-around-the-town for that extra something.

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