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7 ‘Oh-So-HOT’ Sex Scenes From Popular Movies To Recreate With Your Partner!

7 ‘Oh-So-HOT’ Sex Scenes From Popular Movies To Recreate With Your Partner!

Has it ever happened that you watched a movie and a love-making scene left your hormones raging and all you wanted to do was to make love to your partner in the exact same manner?

Well, you’re not alone, we all have been there. To raise the temperature high, we have rounded up a list of the most sizzling scenes in popular movies for you to recreate with your sweetheart and set the bed on fire.

1. The ‘Police Investigation’ Scene In Basic Instinct

All the hot scenes in this movie were not just about sex but a lot about feeling sexy too. Watch how Sharone Stone owns the stage in her erotic police investigation scene and take a shot at possibly recreating the same.

P.S.: Go commando and tease him a little!

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2. The ‘Oh-So-Adorable Lip Lock’ Scene In Band Baaja Baraat

Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma’s sensual lip lock at the climax of the film is what you should definitely try recreating with your partner. Trust us, it’ll be a sexy start to a sizzling night.

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3. The ‘John And Bipasha Blindfold’ Scene From Jism

John and Bipasha’s steamy on-screen chemistry in Jism with the blindfolds and ice play went viral. If this erotic love-making scene leave you all flushed and hoping that your man pleasures you in the exact same way, we won’t blame you at all.

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4. The ‘Hot Elevator’ Scene From 50 Shades Darker

If there is a poster film for the hottest sex scenes, then this one takes the prize. The domination and sexual tension between the two actors in this scene will make you want to submit to your partner then and there!

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5. The ‘Steamy Seduction’ Scene By Kareena In Kurbaan

The super passionate love making scene from Kurbaan is one of the sexiest scenes Bollywood has ever seen. We think you could definitely learn a trick or two from the duo to set the bedroom ablaze!!!

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6. The ‘Rough Love-Making’ Scene In Mr & Mrs Smith

Did you know that the chemistry between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in this film is where their real-life love story actually started? Right after the plot twist in the film, their violent and oh-so-hot love making is surely worth a try if you and your partner like it rough.

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7. The ‘Romantic Kiss’ Scene From Jab We Met

The well-publicised and controversial kiss between Shahid and Kareena’s characters, when they finally have their happily ever after, in the film is the kind of the first kiss that you would want when you finally find ‘the one’ for yourself. And even though, the kiss isn’t that hot, it’s definitely romantic.

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07 Sep 2017

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