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10 *Hot* Hair Colour Trends Of 2017 (Which One Will You Try?!)

10 *Hot* Hair Colour Trends Of 2017 (Which One Will You Try?!)

Some delicious caramel streaks, an out-and-out redhead or an eye-striking ombre look – when it comes to colouring your hair, you’re spoilt for choice with some gazillion shades and styles, each of them one better than the other. So, ladies, if you’re the experimental kind and want a mane makeover this year, you’re in the right place. Here are 10 of the hottest hair colour ideas of 2017 – take your pick and up your style quotient like never before!

1. The Dirty Blonde

1 hair colour ideas

Image: Esha Gupta on Instagram

While a typical blonde hair colour would be a pale yellow, combining it with a dirty shade as a brown makes for a wonderful dirty blonde shade like Esha Gupta’s hair streaks here. If you want to go light but not too OTT, this is the colour for you, ladies. It will look trendy and oh-so-chic!


2. A Sobre Ombre = Sombre

2 hair colour ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Till recently, we saw a number of ombre looks that showed a huge contrast between the upper and lower part of the hair. And in 2017, we welcome the sobre ombre or sombre, with open arms. It looks subtle and stylish, and has quite a natural feel at the same time. We love the look, ladies. How about you?

3. Caramel Charisma

3 hair colour ideas


Image: Malaika Arora Khan on Instagram

Going for caramel highlights is sure to lend a very chic vibe to your look. And, ladies, contrary to popular belief, no matter what your original hair colour, it will accept a pop of caramel and actually end up looking stunning. Try that caramel hue this year, we say.

4. Balayage Bounce

4 hair colour ideas

Image: Mark Townsend on Instagram


The balayage technique, wherein a colour lighter than your base colour is applied free-hand onto the hair, has been popular and continues to be quite the trend in 2017. And why not – it gives a soft and natural finish to the hair, and looks fabulous no matter what shade you go for.  

5. Call It Crimson

5 hair colour ideas

An oldie, but goody! Going for red hair colour or just some streaks of the shade has always looked stylish and continues to be one of the hottest hair colours this year too. Go the red way, and look super elegant and glamorous, ladies.

6. Grey And Gorgeous

6 hair colour ideas


Image: Hailey Baldwin on Instagram

Whoever said greys need to be covered up…check out Hailey Baldwin here rocking the platinum grey hair look and how! Ladies, this may be a bold choice, but if you do go for it, you sure are on trend for 2017.

7. Like It Light

7 hair colour ideas

Embrace an effortlessly chic vibe by opting for light global hair colour and even lighter streaks along with that. Get this done just before your beach vacay this year and you’re all set! Who that beach babe?! *Wink*


8. Raven Black

8 hair colour ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Black never gets boring, ladies. At a time when everyone’s getting different light and striking shades have done on their hair, go for a pitch black shade and you’re sure to charm many. It looks extremely elegant and will definitely make you stand out this year.

9. Ravishing Rose Gold

9 hair colour ideas


Image: Kylie Jenner on Instagram

Now that’s a shade you thought will never make it to this list, right? Well, once we stumbled upon this picture of Kylie Jenner, we couldn’t help but ogle at it. She’s pulling off that rose gold hair beautifully and giving us some serious hair colour goals for 2017. What do you think?

10. Chocolate Charm

10 hair colour ideas

Image: Priyanka Chopra on Instagram


Glamorous is the one word that comes to mind when we see that chocolate shade on PeeCee’s hair. This is definitely a hair colour style that will be big in 2017! So, ladies, take some inspiration from this picture and book your hair appointment already!

26 Jan 2017

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