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10 HOT Ways To Turn Him On… *Without* Using Your Hands!!

10 HOT Ways To Turn Him On… *Without* Using Your Hands!!

Why only use your hands to get him hot in bed when you can use every other part of your body? Yes, you heard us! It’s time to get naughty girls, but with a twist. Here are 10 hot things to do with him – without using your hands!

1. Make things ‘ear-otic’

Gently bite his earlobes or suck on them while the two of you are cuddling. You’d be surprised exactly how deadly the lips on ears technique can be!

1 hot things to do with him

2. A hands-free back massage!

What’s that you ask? That’s a tongue massage instead of a hand massage! Put your mouth on the nape of his neck with your tongue flexed. Slowly work your way down, pressing your mouth firmly. The best part is that this massage is more racy than relaxing! (You can start with your elbows if you’re feeling shy – that’s not cheating!)

3. Nibble, nibble

Nibble on his fingers, his lips, his cheeks, his ears and his neck! In fact, nibble wherever (and whenever!) you like as long as it’s gentle and arousing!

3 hot things to do with him

4. The smooth brush

Get super close to his body while you two are in bed. But don’t give him what he wants yet! Just gently brush your skin with his, your lips with his and tease him. Let your body do all the talking – it’s a super simple way to get him turned on!

5. Blow hot air

Appeal to his senses. Lightly blow your warm breath on the parts of his body where he is most ticklish. The feel of warm air on skin is a super turn on for men so don’t shy away and let your breath take his away! *Wink*

5 hot things to do with him

6. Make it hot-n-cold

Place an ice cube in your warm mouth and trace his stomach with your lips. After that go kiss him. Pass on the ice cube from your mouth to his until the cold ice water turns into the warmth of two mouths entangled together.

7. Tongue tied!

Kiss! You definitely don’t need hands for that! Just dive straight into it and plant a giant sloppy kiss on him. While you are at it, get your tongue in action. Caress his mouth with your tongue. Here’s a tip you might want to try – run your tongue on the roof of his mouth, it is a super sensitive area that even he doesn’t know about!

7 hot things to do with him

8. Let your hair loose!

Isn’t there something super sexy about open hair during sex? Leave your hair open and let it move over his chest and shoulders. Make sure you use an aromatic shampoo that day so that even the smell of your hair gets him all hot and heavy!

9. Play footsie!

Your feet can be used for more than just walking. Like, playing footsie with his feet or, even better, his junk! Yes, you heard us! Get cosy under a blanket and gently rub your foot against his pants and you’ll see the, um, effect in no time!

9 hot things to do with him

10. A little wordgasm!

You don’t need the movement of your fingers to let him know you want him. Let your words do the much needed talking! Tell him you want him and exactly what you would do to him. Say it out loud before you actually get down to it. It’ll make him so, so hot!

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22 Feb 2017

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