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10 Best Online Horror Games That Will Scare The Bejesus Out Of You!

I have to say this, I’m a huge fan of horror movies. Most of my friends find them lame but I like to believe that they are just scared! In fact, not just horror movies, I have the best collection of ghost stories to share… from books to podcasts about paranormal activities and real-life anecdotes, I’m obsessed! Remember the science geeks in movies who love to carry fancy equipment and explore allegedly haunted houses? That could have been me. But sadly, your girl is stuck in this real world that can sometimes get too boring. But lucky for me, I’ve now discovered some amazing horror games. 

That’s right! If you’ve already watched every horror movie and find scary stories repetitive, then you need to check out these horror games online. Trust me, these games are super scary and will make you quiver in fear. Scroll ahead for the best horror games that are available online.

Super Scary Horror Games That You Can Play Online


Dim your lights and get on your screen. It’s time to experience an adventure like never before. We have curated a list of some of the scariest horror games that you will ever come across. Bear in mind that these games cannot and should not be played by the faint-hearted. 

The Forest

horror games online



This game is recommended to be played by eight players for the best results. You and your gang will be dropped in a forest after a plane crash. You have to save a kid who has been kidnapped by a group of cannibals. And simultaneously avoid monsters that reside in the jungle. Think it’s easy? Even eight members will not be able to survive the sudden attacks of the forest creatures.

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World War Z

World War Z - scary games to play online



This horror game involving zombies is simple but hella scary. It’s simple because you already know everything you need to know about zombies, thanks to all the movies we have watched. And scary because we know that zombies are never to be taken lightly. So, you are in a typical post-apocalypse world that is under attack by the living dead. Save yourself!


Deceit - best horror game



This is one of the scariest games ever because it requires you to decode human behaviour. And as we all know, it is not easy at all. You start the game with three more players. Among them, two players are assigned the task of escaping the facility while the other two have to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Best part? You don’t know what your teammates’ task is and vice versa.

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 - best horror games online



Can you see it?”

“See what? There’s nothing over there.”

That’s what most of the horror movies’ dialogues sound like, right? That’s exactly what you will end up saying while playing Dead Space 3. This horror game will make you and your partner see things that are not real. The scary part is that your partner may not be able to see what you can and vice versa.

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 - scariest horror games



Want to have a horror games party? This game is the real deal for you then. It allows six people in one team and up to 12 people if you want to play against your friends as well. You have to kill enemies and fill them up with lead. It sounds more like an action game, but it will make you jump in your seat more than any other horror game online.

Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 - scariest games



NGL, this game is best suited for those who loved the movie. The game is about killing the dead and inhuman creatures. The best part is the story and plot of the game, which is totally unbeatable!

Remnant: From The Ashes

Remnant: From The Ashes - top horror games



This one is really, really tough. You cannot win easily and need to have a lot of patience. The strategy is simple, kill the out worldly creatures that come in your way until you find their source of life. Once you find that, destroy it. Also, you and your gang members have unique superpowers to help you survive.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 - horror games online



IMO, this one has the scariest graphics of all the horror games mentioned here. It’s old but fast-paced and quite fun. Again, you have to kill the zombies to survive till the end. For the best experience, play with friends in Versus mode. One gang will act like the zombies while the other will act as survivors.

7 Ways To Die

7 Ways To Die - scary games to play



This horror game is all about survival and by far, the smartest one on the list. Yep, it involves strategic thinking and planning. You have seven days to build your defense system, collect food, weapons, and secure your safe haven. On the eighth day, you are under attack. This game requires a lot of teamwork and the ability to think far ahead.

Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight - scariest horror games



You are lucky if you become the killer in the game. It is one of the scariest games available online and we are not even kidding. Four players will try to survive and find an escape while the fifth player will kill them one by one and hang them on a pedestal to be fed by an unknown entity. Sounds dangerous? We dare you to play it without screaming!



best scariest games


Here’s everything you need to know about horror games online. 

Which are the most popular horror games?

All the games mentioned above are considered as some of the most frightening games ever.

Which are the best horror games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

All of the games mentioned above can be played on phones or PC. Have fun getting scared with your friends while playing these horror games!

Can horror games kill you?

Technically, no. A virtual game played on phones and PCs cannot kill you. But, you may die of seizure if you have heart conditions.

What are free scary games?

All the games mentioned above can be played for free. There may be in-app purchases that will allow your gaming experience to get better.

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What are you waiting for? Go on and try out these horror games with your friends now!

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25 Jun 2021

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