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6 Perfect Destinations For Every Solo Traveller!

6 Perfect Destinations For Every Solo Traveller!

Winter is coming, but unlike our beloved Jon Snow, you don’t have to face off against White Walkers but rather indulge in the Winter Wonderland of beautiful holiday destinations! Picture mountains, a hot cup of coffee (or a cold bottle of beer), breathtaking architecture, and the company of yourself. If that sounds like a good plan, here are some mesmerising places you need to visit in the months to come, that are perfect for solo travellers!

1. Seville, Spain

1 solo travellers - seville spain

Suited for: The Wandering Traveller

Those who admire beautiful architecture, and love to stroll by historical landmarks and immerse themselves in rich cultural heritage. Every landmark is situated within walking distance of another, making the commute a real breeze!

Attractions you can’t miss: Get a hold of a map and walk through the quaint streets of Barrio Santa Cruz lined with whitewashed walls and a number of twisting alleyways; La Giralda – the mighty bell tower that was previously a minaret when the Moors settled there. Don’t forget to visit Seville’s popular shopping street Sierpes, and if you have the time, catch a Flamenco show at Tablao El Arenal as well!

Where can you stay: Hotel Los Girasoles for Rs 2,525 per night

The route you have to follow: It’s as simple as catching a flight from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, or Pune to Seville Airport. Book your tickets now!

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2. Reykjavik, Iceland

2 solo travellers - Reykjavik  Iceland

Suited for: The Lonesome Explorer

If your aim is to isolate your mind from the endless cacophony and chaos of the city, Reykjavik is calling out to you. Leave the people and the noise behind you, pack your backpack, and hike on to one of the safest places of 2017, for a trip you won’t easily forget.

Attractions you can’t miss: Aurora Borealis the most sought after destination on nearly every traveller’s bucket list, the Northern Lights are something you know you wouldn’t want to miss; Hallgrímur’s Church – Iceland’s tallest and most-photographed church, you can ride an elevator to the top to see a 360 degree view of Reykjavik; Laugavegur – the open-air shopping central where you can sample local cuisine and buy beautiful souvenir to treasure your trip!

Where can you stay: Hlemmur Square for Rs 1,477 per night

The route you have to follow: Cities from where you can board a flight to Keflavík International Airport in Reykjavik include Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. You might as well plan your trip right now!

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3. Okinawa, Japan

3 solo travellers - okinawa japan

Suited for: The Aesthetic Sightseer

Attractions you can’t miss: Blue Cave – snorkeling and diving in the alluring cave, especially in winter makes for a beautiful experience as Summer is peak tourist season in the region; Ryukyu Dance Performances – absorb the finest of Japanese culture through its art form; Cherry Blossoms – while most parts of Japan witness the blooming in April and May, you can be the lucky one to watch the cherry blossoms come alive as early as January in Okinawa.

Where can you stay: Minshuku Getto for Rs 1,713 per night

The route you have to follow: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and even Kolkata have international flights that will fly you to Naha Airport in Okinawa.

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4. Chefchaouen, Morocco

4 solo traveller - Chefchaouen  Morocco

Suited for: The Social (Media) Butterfly

The city is blanketed in hues of blue for all those beautiful Instagram moments and captions that we know you’ve already thought of in your mind! Spend your Monday blues in the gorgeous souks, devouring the delicious food of Chefchaouen, and relax your woes away!

Attractions you can’t miss: Wander the streets of Medina for all the perfect angles you can grab for your pictures, Ras el Maa Waterfall – for the nature lovers who would like nothing more than an escape and a hike to soothe their minds, Cafe Assada – a treat to your palate to Chefchaouen’s delectable goat cheese, and wash it down with Moroccan mint tea; Riad Lina – pamper your pores in Morocco’s famous hammams (steam baths with body scrubs and massages), that will leave your skin feeling supple, and your soul feeling rejuvenated!

Where can you stay: Dar Touijar for Rs 2,296 per night

The route you have to follow: All the major cities such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad will have flights taking you to Morocco. The closest to Chefchaouen is Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport (84 km).

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5. Oslo, Norway

5 solo traveller - Chefchaouen  Morocco

Suited for: The Eat, Drink, Be Merry Traveller

From coffees and beers to architecture and adventure sports, Oslo is a paradise for the free-spirited traveller. Come and experience the chill of Norway’s wintry embrace, and remember to carry that extra pair of sweater – you’ll need it!

Attractions you can’t miss: Tim Wendelboe – every coffee lover’s paradise, the premier coffee roaster not only serves a steaming cup of that java goodness for its customers, but also holds a one-hour session on Saturdays to explain the brewing process and invite visitors for a tasting of various kinds of brews; Grünerløkka Brygghus – one of Oslo’s popular gastropubs that serve a range of brews in its in-house brewery; grab a sled at Akeforeningen and race through snow packed trails at breakneck speeds for instant adrenaline hits around every bend!

Where can you stay: Gardermoen Hotel Bed & Breakfast for Rs 4,566

The route you have to follow: Oslo Airport is accessible to all travellers from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai, tickets for which you need to book before it gets expensive!

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6. Salzburg, Austria

6 solo traveller - salzburg austria

Suited for: The Passionate Musical Lovers

Watch the hills truly come alive, as you make your way around the lovely Austrian city of Salzburg, where the birthplace of Mozart and the stage for the world-renowned musical The Sound of Music are both celebrated in the comforting arms of the Alps.

Attractions you can’t miss: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Salzburg – dedicated to Saint Rupert of Salzburg, this is the cathedral where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptised; Salzkammergut – a fantastic place to enjoy nature’s bounty, and get active with facilities for hiking, water sports, cycling or just laze around the lake doing absolutely nothing; Hohensalzburg Castle – walk up to the castle from the foot of the hill, and once there, crack open a cold one to truly enjoy the experience and the view

Where can you stay: Stadtalm Naturfreundehaus for Rs 1,760 per night

The route you have to follow: Hop onto a flight from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and Bengaluru and land at the Salzburg Airport to begin your much-awaited journey!

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26 Oct 2017

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