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10 Common Words That Make Non-Hindi Speakers ROFL

There are 22 official languages in India, that are as diverse as the next – so what happens when there are words in Hindi that are similar to those in other languages? The results are both hilarious and dangerous! Here are 10 funny Hindi words that mean something totally different in other languages!

1. Chumma

Chumma, which means kiss in Hindi, means “for fun” or “for no reason” in Tamil. Gives a whole new twist to the term “Chumma Chumma De De”!

funny hindi words 1

2. Randi

Randi, which means prostitute in Hindi, means “Please come” in Telugu. Talk about miscommunication!

funny hindi words 2

3. Kundi

Kundi, which means latch in Hindi, means butt in Tamil and Malayalam. Now you know why SRK was in a bit of a soup when he said “Kundi hholo” in Chennai Express.

funny hindi words 3

4. Chor

Chor means thief in Hindi, but refers to rice in Malayalam. Does this mean that a Chor Chor would be a rice thief?

funny hindi words 4

5. Patti

Patti means bandage in Hindi, but dog in Malayalam! The next time you take your pup to the vet, you can ask him/her to tie a patti around your patti.

funny hindi words 5

6. Teri

Teri means yours in Hindi, but in Malayalam, it means abuse/bad words. You now know what not to say in Kerala!

funny hindi words 6

7. Denge

Denge, in Hindi, means “will give”, but in Telugu means f***! The next time someone talks about you behind your back, Denge nahin denge.

funny hindi words 7

8. Mook

Mook, which means speechless in Hindi, refers to the nose in Tamil. Has anyone’s mook ever left you mook?

funny hindi words 8

9. Dabba

Dabba may mean box in Hindi, but in Kannada, means waste or good for nothing. “That dabba is so dabba, it broke within hours of me buying it!”

funny hindi words 9

10. Kal

Kal means yesterday/tomorrow in Hindi, but in Tamil, means rock/stone. Have you ever felt like kal you’re going to throw a kal at someone?

funny hindi words 10

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06 May 2016

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