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The Jade Craze: Here’s Why Jade Combing Makes You Feel Like A Mermaid

The Jade Craze: Here’s Why Jade Combing Makes You Feel Like A Mermaid

You’ve heard of jade-infused rollers and Gua Sha; but what about combs? Because, yes, everyone on the internet is making a case for combs made from jade. The question is: does a gemstone-infused comb offer your scalp any benefits that sets it apart from normal ones? Let’s find out.

Jade-Infused Combs Are The Latest Additions To Hair Care

It’s like any other comb except that it’s infused with a gemstone that’s designed to work as a scalp-massage tool, and is believed to increase the circulation of blood in the scalp, promote the growth of your hair, and improve texture. While some of these combs are shaped like normal ones; others are crafted with a contoured side that you can use to massage your face and scalp. Do these propositions have any backing?

The Crystal

There isn’t much evidence that supports these claims, but jade has always been regarded as a crystal that heals, energises, and clears blockages, and is associated with benefits like improving circulation of blood thanks to its high frequency; and there’s some evidence that says that increased circulation can stimulate your hair to grow.

The Pressure Points

And it has something to do with pressure-points too. This comb is built in a way that it triggers certain pressure-points on your scalp, and brings fresh blood to the area. The principle remains the same. The better the circulation, the better the chances of growth. This technique of stimulating the scalp for growth has been around for centuries. It stimulates all the acu-points on the scalp.

The Stress-Relieving Act

Even the practice of massaging your scalp with a comb like this is almost therapeutic, and relaxes you immediately. This is perfect for relieving tension and stress. This is because massaging certain points—like the area above the ears—can lower blood-pressure, stress-hormone levels, and your heart-rate.

How Do You Use It?

Just before you go to bed, part your hair down the middle, and hold the comb flat against your head. Start combing your hair downward from the scalp. Don’t go from the front to the back as this can cause your hairline to recede eventually. You can massage your hair with a few drops of oil to make the process easier. Jojoba Oil, in particular, is known to promote hair-growth. Move to the back of your head, and start combing up from the neck toward the top of the head. Run the comb along your hairline, above the ears, and the occipital ridge which is right at the back of your scalp at the base of your spine. These points, as mentioned, can can lower blood-pressure, stress-hormone levels, and heart-rate. And if your comb has a contoured side, you can conclude by massaging your face with it—just like you would with a Gua Sha.

There’s not much evidence on the internet that testifies to these benefits, but one thing’s for sure—it’s so relaxing and soothing. But remember that this comb isn’t the best at detangling or styling. You can untangle your hair with a normal one before starting.

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14 Jun 2022

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