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Jade, Rose Quartz & More: Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Face Massage Tools

Jade, Rose Quartz & More: Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Face Massage Tools

Crystals fascinate me. I find them aesthetic to look at and believe they have healing powers. Reducing stress and cleansing and strengthening the body’s energy field are just some of my experiences with crystals. You’ll usually find one sitting on my work desk, bookshelf, and windowsill. I’ve even started including them in my skincare routine now. Confused? Of course, I mean a crystal face roller!

Crystal face rollers are magical beauty tools that help to properly distribute skincare products on your face, decrease puffiness, improve blood circulation, assist with lymphatic drainage, and improve skin texture. You can get them in jade, amethyst, rose quartz, obsidian, blue sodalite, and white opalite gemstones. Used on cheeks, neck, mouth, forehead, and undereye area, each stone has a unique side to it and it’s important to know about them inside out before you shell out the big bucks. So, here you go.

Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Face Rollers

Think of it as an investment for your skin!



We’ve spoken about jade rollers before along with their benefits. Compared to rose quartz and amethyst, the jade roller doesn’t feel as smooth on the skin. It doesn’t have a glass-like texture and is a hard stone which means if it drops, it can break. The jade roller has more of an impact on the facial muscles. Some believe that jade helps with contouring and lifting too, but it depends on one’s experience with it. Another cool fact about jade rollers is that jade has a high thermal conductivity. Simply put, jade warms up to one’s skin temperature.

Healing Powers: wisdom, peace, balance

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is called a ‘love stone’ and is also effective for sensitive or reactive skin types. It provides a cooling effect to the skin because of its ability to retain its temperature. The rose quartz stone helps relax facial muscles, depuff the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Healing Powers: induces a feeling of self-love, positive attitude, tension release




The amethyst face roller subtly raises the skin’s temperature to boost microcirculation. If you suffer from red and inflamed skin, you can always count on amethyst to nurse your skin back to health. Amethyst is said to have a negative charge and helps to detoxify skin and regenerate cells. Also, a great beauty tool to use if you’re suffering from adult acne. 

Healing Powers: relieves stress, stops negative thinking, brings clarity to the mind



Obsidian is one of the most intriguing and mystical face rollers. It’s a black beauty that has a lovely glass-like texture. It draws out impurities, helps unclog pores, and prevents breakouts. Known as “the stone of self-acceptance”, obsidian helps you accept yourself and be confident in your own skin. 

Healing Powers: promotes balance, inner peace, and self-acceptance

Which Is Better–Gua Sha Or Face Roller?


Today, Gua Sha has become as popular as face rollers. Just like face rollers, they too help reduce puffiness, dark circles, soften the face, eliminate toxins, and prepare skin to absorb topical products better. So, we got in touch with Payal Thaker from YBP Cosmetics to ask her which beauty tool is better between Gua Sha and face roller. Here’s her verdict:

“Choosing a crystal is a very personal choice, you always pick the one you are most drawn towards. Both Gua Sha as well as rollers help with lymphatic drainage which plays an important part in keeping skin healthy and radiant. Gua Sha is evidently much more effective when it comes to lymphatic drainage massage but it requires more patience, understanding of pressure points, and discipline. Rollers, on the other hand, are fun and easy to use but not as effective as the whole Gua Sha ritual and you may not feel as meditative with them as you feel with Gua Sha.”

Which brings us to the next question–how to know if the crystal you’re using is real or not? To this, she said, “I would highly recommend to always invest in your Gua Sha tools or rollers from someplace you can trust, buy them from people who are mindful about crystals and can educate you about Gua Sha and lymphatic massages. Always ask questions, ask if they provide proper authenticity certificate along with their crystals. Other than that, when you have your crystal with you, you can see some minor imperfections, age-old deep veins and crystal formations within your stone and that’s another way to tell if your crystal is pure or not. Because pure crystals are imperfect, each piece is unique and that’s the beauty of it.”

Now that you know all that’s there to face rollers and Gua Shas, which one are you drawn to the most? After all, it’s the beauty tool that chooses its owner and not the other way around *wink wink*.

Featured Image: Pexels

18 Jun 2020

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