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Hickey 101: Here’s How You Can Give A Perfect One (& Get Rid Of Them)

Hickey 101: Here’s How You Can Give A Perfect One (& Get Rid Of Them)

No matter how many embarrassing moments you may have faced in front of your family, friends, colleagues because of your hickeys–but let’s admit it–they can feel really really good. A hickey, referred to as a love bite, is nothing but a bruise on your skin (which actually involves a bit of biting, sucking and kissing). Simply put, they’re blood clots caused because of the reduced flow in one area. For some people, hickeys may mean an instant turn on between the sheets, however, others may not like the feeling of having a bruise on their neck or anywhere else (in that case just STOP if your partner doesn’t want one). But if your partner wants you to go all out giving out this sexual souvenir, read on to know how can you perfect your hickey game. Oh and no don’t worry, it’s not meant for just teenagers anymore.

Easy Peasy Ways To Give Your The Best Hickey

A love bite is the best mid-makeout thing that can actually turn up the heat in your bedroom. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you give your partner the best hickey ever!

Always ask your partner before you give one


I state the obvious here, but it’s important you take your partner’s consent (yes even for a hickey) to keep the situation respectful. Ask your partner before you decide to give them a love bite that will show for days. They could probably want one somewhere not visible or not want one at all. 

Here’s how to give one that your partner won’t forget in a hurry

Press your lips against your partner’s skin and gently suck on it for 20-30 seconds. Exceed the time only if you want the hickey to look darker than it already is. Don’t forget to take your partner’s permission if you decide to give them a darker hickey that will show for days. If your partner is just into the idea of having a darker hickey anywhere on their body, just stop right there. 


Don’t forget the hand movements


You simply can’t lay there and only focus on the hickey. Move your hands around their body while you’re at it to make it more fun. You can also alternate between giving a hickey and making-out to prolong the pleasure. And of course, it’s the ending that counts. So when you’re done giving a hickey to your partner, end it by giving a few gentle kisses on the hickey area.

If your partner is worried about their family noticing a hickey, choose an area that is easy to cover up. And it’s possible that you weren’t aiming for a darker hickey but it accidentally happened. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. And by that we mean we’ve got you covered with tips on how can you start the healing process for it to disappear a bit earlier.

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of A Hickey

While giving a hickey may be super easy, taking it off might be the toughest thing to do. You can’t really get rid of a hickey, however, here are a few steps that will come in handy if you want to lighten the effect of your love bite. 

Start with a cold compress


A cold compress will help in reducing the swelling of a new bruise. You could use an ice pack, a cold damp cloth or freeze a spoon for an hour and apply it on your hickey.

Use a warm press immediately after that

Since you’ve already used a cold press, a warm press after that would make the blood flow smooth which will, in turn, lighten the hickey.

Use aloe vera gel to massage on the area


Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that will help in reducing pain and the swelling from a hickey. Applying aloe vera gel or natural aloe vera straight from the plant will give you instant relief from the redness.

Massage the area

Massaging the area where you have a hickey will help increase the blood flow. This will help reduce the redness. 

The Bottom Line

No matter how much fun it is to give or get a hickey, one needs to be careful about them. Hickeys are bruises that heal with their own time. So, the next time you give (or get) one,  make sure you already know the pros and cons.

Featured Image: Unsplash

16 Jul 2020

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