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Here’s How You Can Get A Bang-ing Haircut, Depending On Your Face Shape

Here’s How You Can Get A Bang-ing Haircut, Depending On Your Face Shape

Others: Bangs

Indians: Sadhna cut!

Admit it, we all have cut our bangs at least once in our life (which is definitely worse than drunk dialling your ex)… and regretted it, immediately. No matter what your opinions are, you gotta admit that it alters your look completely. It’s like a whole new person, standing in front of me, asking for you to accept her new look (pun intended!).

And people around you give you stares as if they’re auditioning for Joe Golberg’s part in YOU’s season 3.

Getting bangs is not as easy as getting any other kind of hairstyle. You have to literally make up your mind ‘coz there’s no going back after you’ve gone under the knife scissors. But if you are a daredevil and wish to try out bangs, go for it.


Time To Get A Bang-ing New Cut

I had impulsively decided to cut my own bangs after watching Zooey Deschanel in New Girl. The problem with my cut was that it was really uneven and I looked stooopid. I literally had to wait for a month for it to grow out so I can get it even. Worst decision ever. But bangs look adorable on a lot of people and if you’re one of em, let us see what type of bangs you should get, according to your face type!

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But, What Is Your Face Type?

Let’s have a looksie, shall we?


Face shape qualities: Forehead, cheeks, and chin are of a similar width
Bollywood celebs with round faces: Sonakshi Sinha, Vidhya Balan, Rani Mukherjee, Zareen Khan.

If you have a round face, go for the bangiest bangs anyone has ever seen, especially if you have a big forehead. You can either keep ’em poker straight or give it a fringe-y update by combing them sideways.



Face shape qualities: Your forehead is slightly wider than your chin, with higher cheekbones
Bollywood celebs with long faces: Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Diana Penty

If you have a sweet, oval face, you should go for bangs that are a little longer and end right below your brows. Not only it makes your face look smaller instantly, but longer bangs add a pretty touch to your overall look. Definitely avoid getting short bangs!


Face shape qualities: Forehead is wider with a sharp chin
Bollywood celebs with heart-shaped faces: Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Kriti Sanon

People who have heart-shaped should go for side-bangs as they usually have a smaller forehead. If you get straight bangs, all the focus is on the remaining, small part of your face and you look so tiny and meek. Ask your hairstylist to give you side-bangs and allow everyone to look at that gorgeous face of yours 😉 


We bet you’re already asking your BFF to be your bang-mate!

Featured Image: Instagram

13 Mar 2020

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