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Disinfectant Tunnels To Sanitizer-Soaked Mats, Delhi Malls Reopen With Innovative Measures

Disinfectant Tunnels To Sanitizer-Soaked Mats, Delhi Malls Reopen With Innovative Measures

Under Unlock 1.0, as India goes on for reopening in phases, a number of malls would be welcoming visitors across the country today. And while adversely affected states like Mumbai have taken a step back and decided to keep their shopping malls shut for the moment, Delhi and NCR’s malls have been given permissions to resume operations today onwards. Apart from the capital, while states like Punjab, Kerela, Andhra Pradesh, have also decided to open their malls, it is going to be specifically crucial for Delhi and adjoining states including Uttar Pradesh ad Haryana given the spiking number of COVID-19 cases in the capital. 

As Delhi currently looks at the 30k mark in regards to its COVID-19 cases, the administration has been looking at ways to ensure that the reopening of various establishments doesn’t snowball into a major crisis. While an SOP was released by centre on May 4 to take care of the same, the malls have now come up with innovative ways of entertaining visitors while ensuring that all the rules and regulations are taken care of. 


Apart from taking care of the basic government guidelines like having separate exit and entry for visitors, installation of sanitisers, usage of masks, etc., the malls have come up with their own ways to keep the experience as hassle-free as possible. For instance, at Ansal Plaza in Delhi, the administration has been making arrangements for PPE kits as well as COVID-19 safety kits to keep both the staff as well as visitors safe from getting infected.

A mall functionary shared during an interaction with ANI said, “While ensuring all guidelines such as maintaining adequate distance, automatic sanitising machines, we have also arranged PPE kits for our service providers at the entrance to help them stay safe. As a precautionary measure, we are also arranging the COVID-19 safety kit.”




Known for its luxurious offerings, the Select Citywalk mall in Saket, Delhi, seems to have come up with an even more innovative, and, for some reason, extremely reassuring way to fight the novel coronavirus. “We will have a disinfection tunnel at the entry of the premises, which each visitor needs to pass through. This tunnel is the first of its kind to be used in a shopping centre or mall,” shared the mall’s spokesperson in a media statement. 

The spokesperson added, “The tunnel uses mist-based sanitisation, which is efficient and also gentle for anyone who passes through it, with lower chlorine exposure. The expected walk though time is about eight seconds.”


DLF Avenue Mall in Saket has come up with yet another interesting way of ensuring its staff and visitors’ safety by installing sanitiser-soaked mats just to be extra cautious. The mall management has also taken upon themselves to sanitise all the cars entering the mall’s premises. 

Following the government’s directives, gaming arcades, trial rooms, etc. will remain effectively suspended in the malls across the country. “Trial rooms have been suspended because we do not want another point to manage which if opted out can decrease the spread of the virus. Moreover, wherever merchandise, accessories are getting exchanged, we are quarantining it for 36 hours. We have stepping points on which customers are required to stand. We are strictly following the guidelines issued by the government,” shared the spokesperson for Pantaloons, South Extension in a media statement. 


Well, the mall and store management in Delhi-NCR is really upping its game to provide a hassle-free experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, given Delhi’s spiking case count, the coming week is certainly going to be crucial for the capital as it reopens the majority of its establishments amid Unlock 1.0. 

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08 Jun 2020
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