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Hey Lockdown Brides, Here’s Everything You Need For The Glow-From-Within Makeup Look

Hey Lockdown Brides, Here’s Everything You Need For The Glow-From-Within Makeup Look

Remember the OTT 2019 bride complete with smokey lids, elaborate underlines, detailed brows, and perfectly contoured face? As much as we loved her flamboyance, she seems to have become a thing of the past, much like the big fat Indian wedding concept, all thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Just like all other things 2020, the pandemic has cast its sinister shadows on weddings as well with many of them getting cancelled and others scaled-down. 

However, we are here to focus on the bright side of things, quite literally! From sharara clad dulhans to bridechillas, we have seen a new refreshing face of the Indian bride and we ain’t complaining. While the toned-down attires do provide a welcome change to the almost hackneyed larger than life looks, it is the fresh-faced makeup that we are actually eyeing.


The Rise Of The Fresh-Faced Bride

Be it the Insta famous glass skin trend that took the world by a storm or that highlighter-happy dewy skin look, the makeup industry has developed an alternate beauty language that is all about a radiant, delicious glow. And while the Western brides have often opted for the glow-from-within makeup look, it is the lockdown weddings that have finally made Indian brides think of it as an option. 

The limited, intimate weddings have changed how we approach the entire wedding set-up in the country, and a fully done, HD face does not really go with that vibe. Lockdown brides are thus exploring makeup that’s subtle without compromising on the much-coveted bridal radiance. In fact, a lot of brides have also started doing their own makeup!

But it goes without saying that the pandemic anxiety is real, adding to the wedding jitters. The stress has certainly taken a toll on our skins. And while there is no substitute for a good diet and a dedicated workout regime to get that healthy glowing skin, thankfully, the beauty industry has also taught us the basics of faking it till we make it fairly well.


That said, there is no forgetting that creating a perfect base actually requires some heavy-duty products. In recent times, we have seen the ‘it’ makeup girls, including the likes of Huda Kattan and Plixxo influencer Malvika Sitlani, coming up with the fresh-faced look using a plethora of products. The beauty industry, of course, has leveraged the craze and given us tinted serums, creamy highlighters, and more. However, with the inundating number of highlighters and illuminating potions, how do you decide upon the right kind of products for you?

To answer this, we scoured the internet for some makeup tutorials by ace beauty bloggers and makeup artists to curate a list that will help you get the desired look in minutes. Intrigued? Here’s how to become a fresh-faced bride with some of the best-rated products in the world. From YouTube sensation Katy’s favourite radiant creamy concealer to the illuminating spray that Huda relies on, here are nine celebrity-approved products you need in your wedding vanity!

For Skin Prep

Needless to say, start with cleansing your skin. Once done, even out your skin with any toner of your choice. And now comes the bomb step: use an illuminating moisturizer to lock-in that glow! Always remember that the glowy skin makeup look is a matter of layering and your moisturizer plays a great role here. Here’s our favourite pick:

For The Base

Okay, this might sound counter-productive but to get the perfect glow, you have got to start with a matte primer. A matter primer will form the perfect layer between your illuminating moisturizer and the heavy-on-shine subsequent layers, thus making you look glowy but not oily. However, post the matte primer, you can go all out on all things shiny and bright, right from the foundation to your setting powder. Here are a few products that we recommend:

Explore Highlighter Land

Thought we were already done? Nope, that was just warm-up. Here are the real deals: highlighters so good, they’ll put ring lights to shame! Here are our picks:

Add Some Blush

While a lot of makeup experts and artists opt for dewy skin sans any colours, we believe that a little flush only adds to the magic, especially when bridal makeup is considered. We highly, highly recommend a liquid blush and not the powder one. The idea is to let the blush flawlessly blend with your base to make your skin look naturally flushed. Here’s our favourite pick:

Setting Spray FTW

Now that you are blush and baked, how about we lock in that glow with the perfect setting spray? Here’s what we like:

Lastly, while we absolutely recommend to put on a mask, feel free to go for subtle lipsticks in shades of nude pink, coral, and peach as per your ensemble to finish the look. Even if it won’t be visible under the mask, you know you won’t feel complete without some lippie love. Am I right?

Have a happy lockdown wedding, dear bride-to-be!

Featured Image: Instagram 

07 Jul 2020

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