Weddings & Coronavirus: How To Plan A Virtual Wedding Function During Lockdown

Weddings & Coronavirus: How To Plan A Virtual Wedding Function During Lockdown

Honestly, at this point, I'm not sure what day of the lockdown it is, how many days have I been wearing this nightsuit or what it used to feel when the sound of traffic ruled my life. And what's the scariest part? I don't know when this is going to get over. 

In the midst of all this, if you were getting married then I feel so sorry for you, as if pulling off a shaadi was easy work, add the stress of a pandemic to it. If you're a bride-to-be or were to attend your bestie's wedding, we've got something that may cheer you up a bit- a virtual wedding function!

Yup, lots of people are pulling off proposals over Zoom calls and even celebrating virtual bachelorettes. Not only this, we even know of people who got married and had a sangeet function virtually. How cute is that?

So, If You Want To Pull Off A Virtual Wedding Function, Here's What You've To Keep In Mind

Bridesmaids and groomsmen, this one is totally on you. The couple is stressed and upset as it is, let's cheer them up with a cute surprise, right?

Send Out Save The Date Cards


Every function needs to have a time place and date mentioned for people to show up and there's nothing different with a virtual invite. You can use simple Apps and websites to create one for you and many even have pre-made templates, making your job easier.

Have A Dresscode


It's a desi shaadi function so everyone has got to dress up in their traditional best. Ask the boys to wear a kurta-pyjama and the girls can wear a suit. Put on lipstick and earrings and trust me, you'll instantly be in the mood to dance on Bole Choodiyan. It also may serve as a great pick-me-up during this tough time.

Prepare A Dance For The Couple


Since we can't give each other materialistic gifts right now, something cute and personal is the way to go. Let the dancer of the crew choreograph an easy number for all of you to follow and then you can do it in coordination for the couple. It may take a few test runs but it's totes worth it.

Make A Happy Video For Them


This is something they can cherish and hold close to their hearts forever. Remind them that they are so loved and you're all with them in these uncertain times. Each one of their friends and family can share a happy moment and it'll be aww-dorable!

Tell Everyone To Keep Pitchers Of Cocktail Ready


Now, it's a party after all and what's one without alcohol. Everyone can make their own concoction of drinks ready which they can drink together but from the safety of their home. Trust us, by the end of the Zoom call you'll all be tipsy and happy to be alive and well.

Make A Toast


Best friends, it's your job to make the bride and groom happy so preparing a short, cute toast in honour of the happy couple is something you can do. They'd love it and feel so very blessed.

Cook A Similar Cuisine For The Night


It's going to be a long Zoom call so the best thing to do is to keep some food around to eat. If everyone cooks pasta and eats it together, it'll at least put you on the same footing. Imagine eating bhindi while someone has made homemade pizza, that'll be a hard one. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning!

Featured Image Source: Artfoto Studios Instagram