Why It’s AWESOME To Have A Bhabhi!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 5, 2016
Why It’s AWESOME To Have A Bhabhi!


The initial phase when your brother gets married can be a bit awkward… But after a while, and after getting to know his wife better, you realize what an amazing thing it is to have a bhabhi in your life! And here are some reasons why!

1. The gifts you get on rakhi became just about a 100 times better since she came into your life!

2. You literally need nobody else to convince your brother for something, if you have her by your side.

3. She’s the perfect person to discuss boy problems with – she isn’t OVER protective yet has your best interests at heart.

3 reasons bhabhis are awesome

4. She’s a sister, a best friend, a salon partner – and so, so, SO much more!

5. She’s awesome to shop with because she has great choice – except when she chose your brother, you don’t know what happened to her then. 😛

6. Family functions and dinners are so much more fun with another woman in the house now!

6 reasons bhabhis are awesome

7. You now have so much more dirt on your sweet little brother. All the more to tease him with!

8. She’s your saviour and the voice of reason when your family just doesn’t get you.

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9.She’s the reason you’ll be a bua one day… And you love to make her blush by reminding her of that!

9 reasons bhabhis are awesome

10. You have a new partner in crime – especially when you want to wage war against your brother!

11. She’s the coolest guardian/chaperone ever – especially during night outs with your friends!

12. She makes your brother really, really happy – and you couldn’t thank her enough for that!

12 reasons bhabhis are awesome

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