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Say No To Chemicals: Here’s How You Can Use The All-Natural Henna For Hair!

None of us are exactly first-timers when it comes to colouring our hair, right? We’ve been putting our precious locks through dyeing, highlighting, chalking and just about every other new trend/product in the market. But over the years, the chemicals have taken a toll on our hair quality and that’s not something we opted for.

Ladies, for strong, smooth and healthy hair, you will have to ditch those chemicals. If you’re looking for a natural and a safe alternative for colouring your hair, especially when it comes to covering those grey strands, henna is an excellent option. Yes, there are other natural ingredients to colour your mane, but henna hair dye is the best one as it stays the longest.

A bowl of henna for hair



A henna hair pack will not only dye your locks naturally, but it will also enhance the quality of your hair. Yep, you read that right! So let’s get started with everything you need to know about henna for hair.

Best Henna For Hair


If you’re planning to give your hair a break from chemicals and opting for henna or mehendi, you need to know about some of the best henna hair dyes available in the market. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best henna products for hair that you will absolutely love.

1. Godrej Nupur Henna


This henna hair dye is one of the most well-known products and therefore, it’s topping our list too. In addition to henna, this mehndi for hair also has darkening ingredients like hibiscus, brahmi, bhringraj and amla. Besides this, it is one of the best henna for hair growth and also controls hair fall

2. Shahnaz Forever Henna Precious Herb Mix


This henna hair pack contains 93% mehendi powder and the remaining 7% contains herbs like neem and amla. This one is best for those who want a burgundy shade and won’t mind keeping the henna overnight.


3. VLCC Ayurvedic Henna For Hair


This one not only contains amla and shikakai concentrates, but it also makes your hair smoother. Additionally, this henna for hair dye contains Margosa and Gooseberry. While Margosa fights scalp infections, Gooseberry adds shine to your hair.

4. Biotique Bio Henna Fresh Powder


If you have fewer grey strands and are just looking for a natural conditioning product, this one might be your product. It contains ingredients like mango kernel and neem that will keep your hair gentle, smooth and glossy. However, it isn’t a very good colouring product. If you’re looking for orangey-red highlights, go for this one, otherwise, skip it.

5. Indus Valley Bio Organic Herbal Henna Powder


With amla, bhringraj and brahmi as key ingredients, this henna for hair colour will give your locks a ruddy dark-coloured shade and would condition them as well. This affordable henna hair dye prevents premature greying too.

6. Trichup Natural Henna Powder


This henna for hair is 100% natural henna powder. It nourishes the melanin pigment that is responsible for colour and also repairs the follicles and roots of your hair to give a smooth appearance.


7. Jovees Henna & Brahmi Herbal Mehandi


A mixture of henna and Ayurvedic herbs, this mehendi powder has brahmi that protects your hair from damage. Not only will this product make your hair thicker and shinier, but it will also leave your hair moisturised.

8. Hennaveda Hair Henna Powder


Those looking for a chemical-free henna product with a short dye release time should go for this product. Keeping it for two or three hours will give you a dark orange shade. You can also keep it on for longer if you’re willing to achieve a reddish-brown shade. 

PS: If you have short/medium-length hair, the available packet is enough for you, but for those who have longer hair, you need to apply at least two of them.

9. MERLION NATURALS Organic Henna Leaves Powder


Looking for a beautiful reddish copper tone? Well, this henna hair dye by Merlion Naturals is your way to go. It contains absolutely no chemicals and therefore, it’s suitable for those with sensitive skin as well. However, it does have a slow dye release time and takes over ten hours to give you the desired results.


10. Radico Organic Henna Powder

For a gorgeous burgundy shade, go for this herbal henna dye. While you must keep the henna on your hair for six hours to get the colour, but once it’s achieved, it stays for a minimum of three weeks. 

So now that you have plenty of options as far as henna for hair dye is concerned, let’s move forward and tell you about how to apply henna on hair. 

How To Apply Henna On Hair

Henna is a non-damaging plant-based dye that you can use to stain your hair. Applying henna can be quite messy and therefore, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can apply henna on your hair at home.

Step 1 – Prepare the henna mixture

Henna for hair dye



Henna comes in powdered form and you have to mix it with warm water to get a paste-like consistency. Leave the mixture for about 12 hours and check the consistency before applying. If needed, add more water and do NOT make it too thin.

Step 2 – Shampoo and then air dry!

Wash your hair to rinse off any extra oil and dirt. Allow it to air dry. Make sure you don’t condition your hair as the conditioner might not allow the henna hair dye to penetrate the roots properly.

Step 3 – Protect your hairline

Make sure you apply coconut oil or petroleum jelly to your hairline before you start applying the henna mixture. This will prevent unnecessary stains. Also, wear an old tee or use a plastic cover to avoid your clothes from getting stained. 


Step 4 – Comb and divide your hair

Hair before Henna applied on hair


To begin with, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb to remove all the tangles and divide your hair into equal parts.

Step 5 – Start applying the henna

Take a small section of your hair (about 2-inch wide) from the topmost layer and apply the henna liberally using a brush from the roots towards the tips. Unlike conventional hair dyes, henna takes time to spread and therefore, make sure that you’ve covered your hair in henna completely.


As you move from one section of your hair to the other, twist the section with henna and wrap it into a bun. The thick sticky mixture will make the bun sit on top of each other. If you have short hair, secure your little buns with pins. 

Step 6 – Check for touch up

Once you’ve covered all your hair with herbal hair dye, go around the hairline and check if you’ve missed any spot.

Step 7 – Cover it up

Take a plastic wrap or a shower cap and cover your hair with it. It will keep the henna warm and moist. You can leave it for as long as six hours. However, it depends on the hair dye you’re using and the results you’re looking for.

Step 8 – Rinse your hair

Steps to apply henna on hair



Now, hop into the shower and rinse the henna from your hair. Use the conditioner to loosen up the henna paste and rinse your hair properly. The henna hair dye takes about 24 to 48 hours to develop the colour properly, so don’t be impatient. 🙂

Benefits Of Using Henna For Hair

Apart from being a fabulous ingredient to dye your hair naturally, henna is also known to nourish and strengthen the tresses. Yep, let’s talk about some of its benefits and we bet you’ll be surprised. Take a look!

1. Henna Boosts Hair Growth Henna for hair growth? Yes, the natural properties of henna promote hair growth to a great extent. Just boil gingelly oil and henna powder together for 10 minutes and apply the oil twice/thrice a week, and you’re sorted.


2. Reduces Hair Fall – Henna improves follicle health and therefore, prevents hair fall and often makes hair voluminous. The combination of mustard oil and henna powder is an excellent remedy for hair fall. 

3. Repairs Damaged Hair – For healthy and glossy hair, apply the henna hair pack at least twice a month. It restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp and repairs your damaged tresses. Mix the henna powder in amla-brewed water and apply it on your hair to get the best results.

hairs after apply mehandi on hair



4. Conditions Your Hair – Combine henna powder with eggs and it makes a great conditioner. Yep, you read that right!

5. Prevents Dandruff – Dealing with dandruff issues? Well, believe it or not but henna will help you there as well. It removes excess dirt and oil from your scalp, including dandruff. Using henna for hair regularly also prevents it from coming back. 

6. Controls Scalp Itchiness – With its antifungal and antimicrobial properties, henna soothes your scalp, thus, controlling the itching. 

7. Covers Your Grey Hair – Unlike other chemical hair dyes, henna powder naturally colours your hair without damaging it. 


Watch this video for a better idea: 


1. Should we apply henna on dirty or clean hair?

When planning to apply henna, always go or clean, freshly washed hair. The oil or dust might prevent the transfer of colour to your hair.

2. What is the trick to get the best possible colour from henna hair dye?

Covering your hair with a shower cap or a plastic sheet is the best way to get the best possible result. The henna hair dye releases at its best under high humidity and warm conditions.

3. How many hours of application is required to get the desired results?

The number of hours ranges from four to nine, depending upon the results you’re looking for.


4. Should I keep henna powder in the freezer?

NO! Absolutely not! The henna powder will stay fresh for years if stored in a dark, airtight container.

5. Is henna bad for my hair?

The only henna that is bad for hair is black henna, also known as kali mehendi. It has paraphenylenediamine, a chemical that is present in most of the dark hair dyes available.

6. Will henna make my hair turn red?

Lawsone, also known as hennotannic acid, present in henna gives an orange to red stain. Henna can be mixed with other plants such as Indigo to get a variety of darker shades including black and brown.

7. Can I shampoo my hair after applying henna?



Ideally, you should rinse your hair with plain water after applying henna. If you want, you can apply a conditioner.

8. Should I mix henna with hot or cold water?

Some henna brands recommend mixing henna with boiling water. While it causes immediate dye release, it makes it weak and that could result in light, brassy tones. Meanwhile, mixing the henna in cold water will slow or halt the chemical reaction.  

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Go grab your favourite henna hair dye and shower some love on your mane.


Featured Image: Indiamart/Nature Meets Culture

18 Aug 2020

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