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13 ‘Toxic’ Relationship Habits That Are Actually *Healthy*

13 ‘Toxic’ Relationship Habits That Are Actually *Healthy*

Every couple has a few relationship habits that they follow, even if the ‘unsaid rules’ advise against them. It may sound absurd when you say it out loud to your friends and family, but it’s for you as a couple to know what floats your relationship boat. Here are 13 healthy relationship habits couples have that most people think are toxic. How many do you follow?

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1. Leaving some fights unresolved

Not every argument has to have a conclusion. Learning to let go without any closure is a must in every successful relationship. You don’t always need to conclude with who is right or who is wrong. Sometimes, it’s better to trust your instinct and let the argument pass.

1 relationship habits

2. Accepting your partner’s fault

No matter how much they might irritate you or rouse you with rage… After a point, it’s better to accept him the way he is and stop expecting him to change. Accept the little flaws and quirks and know that he must be doing the same!

3. Spending time alone

Yes, it’s absolutely healthy and in fact, necessary. Spending some required ‘me’ time helps you put situations, your life, your aspirations and other things in perspective. Whether it is by travelling alone or just spending a day out by yourself – it’s a healthy practice and anyone who says otherwise should not be given any importance.

3 relationship habits

4. Healthy flirting

Found that guy at the pub sitting across you really charming? That’s normal! Healthy flirting might be perceived as a toxic habit by some. But if and your partner are secure enough in your relationship, there’s really no harm in it. Checking someone out and getting some attention from them is completely healthy, girls!

5. Having a few secrets

Yes, it’s all right to not want to share every teeny tiny detail about your life with your partner. It may be your best friend’s secret, your secret or even something about your past that you absolutely don’t want to re-surface. It’s not wrong or unhealthy to want to hide these and never want to talk about them.

5 relationship habits

6. Setting realistic relationship goals

Yes, it might sound bizarre to some, but it’s all right if you want to take it slow. It’s completely justified for you to not feel ‘in love’ as soon as you start dating. And it’s also fine if you probably don’t feel like ‘he’s the one’ even though you love him. Your emotions don’t need to run mechanically and you and your partner can take your own sweet time reach that level of love for each other.

7. Letting go of a slip up

No matter who did it, if you believe it was just a slip up and completely unintentional, it’s fine to let it go. There are absolutely no rules to this, and you should do what feels right to you. While people may think your relationship is bizarre…they’re not the ones in it, right?

7 relationship habits

8. Being a little too honest

You’ve been working yourself too hard and it’s starting to show – with dark circles, back ache, weight gain or loss, etc. He might not want to be the one to open your eyes to this but he does and it’s for your own good. Sometimes, hurting the other person’s feelings a little bit can actually be a good thing.

9. Talking about your relationship with friends

A lot of people may believe that it’s not healthy to talk about your relationship with your bestie. But, sometimes, some things need a third person’s perspective to help you figure out a situation. It brings in more clarity, you think more rationally and are able to see what’s really important.

9 relationship habits

10. Having a healthy competition with each other

It’s only going to help you perform better at life, at work and in every other sphere of life. But remember, the key is to keep the competition healthy. While you celebrate each other’s success, take a cue from your partner and push yourself to work harder in order to achieve whatever it is you want to.

11. Not putting in effort to dress up

Because you’re so comfortable with each other, you can chill in your PJs and not feel the slightest shame. Date night, movie night or just a day out…you wear what you’re comfortable in, not necessarily what always looks good. This doesn’t mean you’ve lost interest in each other – it only talks about your comfort level!

11 relationship habits

12. Not talking to each other every day

You don’t really need to coochie coo with each other every day. Just because you don’t call them every day and update them with every little thing that happened, doesn’t mean you don’t love them. A similar scenario would be when you have a fight… It’s okay to not want to talk or make up immediately. Take your time, think things over! Do what works for you best.

13. Venting to your partner

A few times you feel like taking out all of that pent up frustration…on your partner. It may not be his fault, but you just feel like he’s the only person you can do that with. We’re here to tell you that it’s fine as long as you don’t over-do it, your partner can take it and you make up for it with lots of love later. Becoming each other’s occasional punching bag is a part of being in a lasting relationship, even if others say it’s not so.

13 relationship habits

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08 Dec 2016

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