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Have The Makers Promised A Direct BB 15 Entry To Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat? Here’s What We Know

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Sep 7, 2021
Have The Makers Promised A Direct BB 15 Entry To Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat? Here’s What We Know


Is it just us or is Shamita Shetty beginning to frustrate the hell out of everyone? With her “Go girl, give us nothing” energy and snooty attitude that she hates being called out for, the actress is hardly doing anything in the BB OTT house right now. If at all the camera goes on her or she gets any footage, it is because of her complicated love angle with Raqesh Bapat. Interestingly, she seems to be giving the same kind of consideration and energy to this relationship as well.


However, despite it all, she has managed to survive in the house. In fact, she has been quite confident of her survival. Last week, during a task, she easily (almost casually) nominated herself while looking super sure that she’d be saved by the audience. That said, the situation with Raqesh is not too different either. Since day one, he is constantly being called out for not having a stand or personality in the house and yet he hasn’t tried to change his ways at all. The only thing that he seems to be caring about right now is his bond with Shamita which frankly looks quite exhausting from where we see it. Well, all of this makes us wonder–why are Shamita and Raqesh so confident of their survival in the BB OTT despite putting in no efforts? We might know the answer. Read on:

The Apparent Bias Of The BB Makers

Karan Johar was particularly strict on Akshara Singh during the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Additionally, the contestants also got video questions from the audience where Akshara was the hot target again. All in all, the whole episode painted her in a bad light and soon after, her eviction was announced. However, after her eviction, the Bhojpuri actress had something very shocking to reveal. In a media interaction yesterday, she claimed that all of these ‘so-called audiences’ that were asking the video questions were actually members of the BB team. “Wo team ke hi log hain. Wo koi audience nahi thi. Un log ke chehre mere jaane pehchaane the,” she said.

Well, if this is true then it is proof enough that the BB makers are biased, something that has been observed throughout the latest season of the show. In the first week itself, the host had sowed discord between Divya Agarwal and Akshara by spinning a fake story around how the former had made problematic remarks on the Bhojpuri industry. In the very next week, Karan had also indirectly threatened Divya, asked her not to take his name, and said something along the lines of how he gets to decide on the evictions. But that’s not it. All this while, he has been too soft with Shamita and is constantly seen either mollycoddling her or seeking her opinion as if she is the co-host. All of this actually brings us to the next big question: is BB OTT fixed?

Will Shamita & Raqesh Get A Direct Entry To BB 15?

A popular Twitter handle known for its exclusive Bigg Boss insights, The Khabri, has made some interesting claims against the BB makers. According to them, the show is fixed and the makers are deciding upon who they want to keep and who they want to eliminate as per their whims. According to them, no evictions happened last week because Neha Bhasin had received the least votes and they wanted to keep her in the show.

However, in an even more shocking claim, The Khabri has insisted that both Raqesh and Shamita have been promised a direct entry in the BB 15 house.

While we cannot say how much weight these claims hold, they actually explain a lot of things that have been happening in the house. If Shamita and Raqesh have been promised slots in the BB 15 house, it only makes sense that they save their energy for that, right?

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