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Shamita Shetty Just Made A Huge Confession & Raqesh Bapat Certainly Didn’t See That Coming

Shamita Shetty Just Made A Huge Confession & Raqesh Bapat Certainly Didn’t See That Coming

The past week in the Bigg Boss OTT house has been high on romance. Just recently, Moose Jattana accepted that she had fallen for Nishant Bhat and would like to explore the prospects of a relationship once they are out of the house. Meanwhile, Raqesh Bapat continued to be all googly-eyed over Shamita Shetty and could be seen sticking by her side 24*7. The two gave us ample lovey-dovey moments throughout the week. However, when Karan asked they dodged the questions and there wasn’t any confession from either Raqesh or Shamita’s end. Well, guess what? Things are finally getting heated up for these two it seems.


After weeks of being all nice and patient with each other, Shamita and Raqesh ended up having a major showdown yesterday after he playfully called her out for “cribbing” all the time. Shamita did not take that well and ended up giving him a piece of her mind. “I don’t want to talk. I selflessly tore my mother’s letter for you and you are telling me all this,” she said to Raqesh while walking away from him.

Later, when he tried resolving the fight, Shamita broke down and ended up confessing that she actually has feelings for Raqesh. “I have not played the game from Day 1. I let you hold my hand or I let you kiss on my cheek is because I like you. I don’t know how to fake it. When you say all these things to me you have to understand where I’m coming from. It’s taken me a long time to accept myself the way I am. And all the relationships that I had been in, none of the men really made me feel very good about myself, Raqesh. I have gone in a self-preservation mode to protect myself,” she was heard saying.


Visibly moved, Raqesh took his time to grasp what had happened and then talked to Nishant about it. He confessed that he genuinely cares for Shamita and that he has finally found solace in someone after a very long time. He accepted that he was pretty serious about her and has been considering taking a voluntary exit so that he doesn’t have to play games. Wow! That sounds like a terrible idea but then again, decision-making doesn’t sound like his strong suit anyway. That said, Raqesh and Shamita are back to being their romantic selves again. It is his birthday today and Shamita even asked him what he’d like to see her wearing.

Well, here’s hoping that Raqesh does not take any rash decisions and stays in the house so that we can keep looking forward to such adorable moments.

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01 Sep 2021

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