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Trouble In Paradise? Here Is Why Anita Hassanandani ‘Slapped’ Husband Rohit Reddy

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  May 23, 2021
Trouble In  Paradise? Here Is Why Anita Hassanandani ‘Slapped’ Husband Rohit Reddy


New parents Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy seem to be making the most of their lockdown life at the moment. During the lockdown, the two have been giving a lot of attention thanks to little Aaravv. And while they are at it, Anita and Rohit are also making sure that they spend quality time with each other as well. 

Just recently Anita took to Instagram and shared a hilarious prank video that she had made with Rohit. In the video, she could be seen distracting him on the pretext of a “magic trick” and then playfully slapping him as he gets distracted. “A trick that all wives will love,” reads the text on the video. 

Now while Rohit might have promised to retaliate with a nastier trick, Anita has managed to fool him yet again. In a video posted by her earlier today, Anita promised an actual magic trick and said “Okay, last time the magic trick was really mean but this time, I have rehearsed. This is a good one, okay?” Not gonna lie, just like Rohit we too fell for the promise and just when we were expecting a mind-blowing trick to be executed, Anita ended us doing it yet again. She very nonchalantly took a mug of water and emptied it on Rohit’s head without any warning. “I’m turning out to be quite a magician,” she captioned her post. “So mature,” Rohit sarcastically wrote in the comments. 

Well, at this point it is really on Rohit and us if we trust Anita to actually pull off a magic trick. That said, aren’t they the cutest? Here’s hoping that Rohit comes up with a fitting reply soon enough and keeps the fun going. For now, Anita is obviously in the lead with a 2-0 score. 

Featured Image: Instagram