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Harnaaz Sandhu Wore A Little Piece Of Punjab In Her Winning gown & The Details Will Blow Your Mind

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Dec 13, 2021
Harnaaz Sandhu


Harnaaz Sandhu is the woman of the moment and rightly so. She is bringing the Miss Universe crown back to the country after two whole decades and deserves all the accolades coming her way. We are proud her and are currently watching all her videos from the competition on repeat. From Harnaaz screaming “chak de phatte” right after winning the crown to her eloquent answer, everything has us screaming ‘how cool is she’. And among everything about our new Miss Universe that has us impressed, her winning gown certainly ranks among the top five. The oomph, the drama, the glamour–this stunning garment compacts it all together in one head-turning look and credit needs to be given to the designer Saisha Shinde for getting it so right. But wait till you hear about the inspiration behind the gown. Read on:

The Breathtaking Details Of Harnaaz Sandhu’s Miss Universe Gown


In a recent chat with POPxo, designer Saisha Shinde revealed how Harnaaz Sandhu was literally wearing a piece of Punjab in her stunning silver gown. The designer conceptualised the garment while keeping in mind three integral details–the mosaic pattern, linear lines to make Harnaaz look taller, and chain-like dangling tassels to complement her swaying walk. Saisha derived the inspiration for the mosaic detail that is all over the gown from Punjab’s Phulkari technique and its geometrical leanings.

Saisha shares, “Harnaaz comes from Punjab which is why I took inspiration from the Phulkari motif and tried to create a modern version of that. Phulkari is extremely symmetric. I wanted to have that but at the same time did not want to keep the inspiration literal. So that is how I came up with the mosaic design.”


Harnaaz’s winning gown took almost a month to be finished and the devil’s really in the details here. The daggling tassels are perhaps the first one to catch everyone’s eye and it is actually a signature Saisha Shinde feature and was added to the gown to add a dynamic touch. “The one thing that I wanted in the gown was some element of movement because Harnaaz’s walk is extremely strong,” Saisha explains.

However, the most important element that the designer wanted to factor in while creating Harnnaz’s gown was the fact that it does its part in representing the modern Indian woman. “The most important factor that I kept in mind was that she is Miss India and needs to look a certain way. This is why I made sure that the gown was extremely delicate but at the same time, it was very powerful. It needed to have an element of strength and courage. It could not be extremely dainty or even extremely strong. There had to be the right balance of both,” she adds.


From being a kid who used to watch pageants with utmost awe to becoming the artistic genius behind Miss Universe 2021’s winning gown, it has definitely been a surreal experience for Saisha as well. “To see my gown shine so brightly, it is a feeling of pride that I could do this for my county. It’s inexplicable,” she concludes.

Well, thank you Saisha for playing your part in Harnaaz’s historical win. Your glorious gown is surely a winner!

Featured Image: Instagram