Spooky Halloween Makeup Ideas If You’re Planning To Have A Night About Town With Your Pals

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 29, 2021
Spooky Halloween Makeup Ideas If You’re Planning To Have A Night About Town With Your Pals


Halloween is just around the corner and if you are a fan of horror movies and pop culture, then you are probably super excited for the event. From elaborate costumes of scary creatures to fun versions of iconic movie characters and events, Halloween lets your creativity shine and also gives you a reason to party. You may not know from where exactly to get your costume from, but with the help of Halloween makeup ideas your outfit is secondary. Here are some Halloween makeup ideas you can try in 2021 that are not difficult to create and allow for lesser planning.

Halloween Makeup Ideas 2021

Violet Beauregarde

In the classic movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Violet Beauregarde was one of the kids who received a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Her face turns blue and she gets inflated after eating bubblegum that she was warned not to; that’s why this idea is quite a quirky pick in line with the Halloween spirit. 

How To: Follow your base makeup routine and wear pink eyeshadow with winged eyeliner. Use blue eyeshadow on your nose and spread it on your cheeks as well. You can use a highlighter to make the purple pigment look more life-like. Keep chewing bubblegum just like the character.

Wednesday Addams

If you loved watching The Addams Family as a kid, this costume is perfect for you. Besides, it gives you a chance to wear black lipstick and look goth.

How To: Use a pale foundation base and do up your brows with a pencil. Create a dark eyeshadow look on your eyes. Do a dark contour beneath your cheekbones and apply black lipstick. Tie your hair in two plaits and you’re done.

Bad Tan

A horrible tan is just as scary as any other ghost or horror movie character out there. It’s a truly fun pick for Halloween.

How To: Use your sunglasses as a stencil and cover the rest of your skin in an orange foundation base. Add some on your neck as well and leave room for the halter strapline. Highlight your natural skin with a lighter foundation base so that the fake tan is more pronounced. Wear the sunglasses in your messy hair and hold a tropical drink in your hand and you are ready. Don’t avoid wearing liner and mascara.

Cruella De Vil

If you loved Emma Stone as Cruella in the latest live-action movie then this is a look you might want to take a chance with. It’s edgy, the embodiment of punk and fashion. 

How To: Opt for a half black half white wig. Do your base makeup and apply red lipstick. Create a paper stencil for the words ‘The Future’ and use them on your face with black eyeshadow. Highlight your eyes with silver for a glam touch. 

Skincare Influencer

Love skincare too much? Arrive in true form to the Halloween party and encourage people to follow suit.

How To: Apply a green skincare clay mask on your face. Clean the edges around your mouth and eyes so that your application is clean cut. Use eyeshadow to make your eyes look like they have cucumber slices. You can even carry around cucumber slices to literally just chill at the party. Dress in your bathrobe and hair towel with gold ear hoops. 

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is one of the most seductive villains in Gotham city and overlooked when you realise how many Cat Woman costumes appear on Halloween. 

How To: Experiment with cut crease eye makeup in green hues. Go all out with highlighting and contouring. Even outline your lips for a bold red pout. Add jewels to your lips as an optional effect. Rock red hair or a wig and dawn a green dress. 

Which look are you going to recreate this Halloween?

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