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Get Your Spook On: 7 Last-Minute Makeup Looks That Are Perfect For Halloween!

Get Your Spook On: 7 Last-Minute Makeup Looks That Are Perfect For Halloween!

Can you feel the chill in the air ‘coz it’s officially the month of spooks! In India, Halloween usually means attending theme parties as opposed to the customary trick or treat ritual! So if you’re invited to a Halloween party or are organising one yourself, we’re sharing some last-minute makeup tips and looks to help you get ready quickly. Halloween is the perfect time to get weird with makeup and put your magic wands (makeup brushes) to use. Here are some easy-peasy Halloween makeup looks that you can choose from. They won’t require you to be a professional makeup artist, we promise!

Check Out These Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Reverse spell


Looks effortless, right? Add a spooky twist to your usual cat eye by reversing it. Take a precise eyeliner and create an outline under your eyes of the proposed look. Make sure you extend the eyeliner all the way upwards for added effect. 

Next, fill in with a black eye pencil and smoke it out a little bit. Use faux lashes to add to the drama. Complete your look with a nude or red hot lipstick, depending on the look you’re going for.

‘Eye’ am livin’ for some tangerine


Add a tangy twist to your smokey eye makeup for some Halloween magic. To attain this look, apply a light tangerine shade as your eye base. Spread it all the way up till your brow bone and apply it under your eyes as well. Next, using a red eyeshadow, go back and forth on your crease to show the gradual change in colour. Lastly, use a dark grey sparkly eyeshadow on your eyelid to make your eyes pop! Apply two coats of orange mascara on your lower lashes and you’re good honey! 

Time to get catty


If you’re ready to take things …err..we mean your makeup to another level, try this sexy cat look. After applying your makeup base, create some magic on your eyes with the reverse cat eye and larger than life eyelashes. Next, using a sketch liner, darken the tip of your nose, as shown in the picture. Use a white eyeshadow (or a liner) and apply it over your upper lip area. This is a tricky step, so make sure you put a small amount first and then dab it with your finger. Use a precise marker to add cat spots and whiskers. Don’t forget to add a flush of an orange blush to your cheeks. Lastly, use a black lipstick or a liner on your upper lip and a brick red lipstick on your lower lips. 

PS: Practice this look beforehand to avoid a cat-astrophe!

Rhine(stones) and shine…


Not exactly the spooky kind, but you can always keep your makeup minimal and go crazy with the outfit, right? Add the #InstaApproved Euphoria twist to your makeup and achieve this stunning rose gold look within minutes. Use neutral tones on your lids to create a soft eye look. You can even go with a shade to match your outfit. Use stick-on rhinestones on your eyelids and you’re ready to slay, KWEEN!

Bloody cool nails


‘Coz let’s admit it, these are too cool. Use deep red nail polish and a toothpick to achieve this effortless nail art. Add a few drops of the nail polish in a pot, dip the non-sharp side of the toothpick it in to pick some colour and get started. Apply it on the tip and drag it towards your nail to create a bloody effect. Two to three strokes are good for a ‘ready look! Don’t forget to seal your nail art with a topcoat.

Look ma, I’m a Dracula!


Wanting to be a Dracula this Halloween, anyone? We’ve found the perfect (and probably the easiest) way to be one!

Apply a deep red liquid lipstick on your upper lip and black lip colour on the lower lip. Next, use a white lipstick/liner to add fangs to your lower lips. For the dripping blood effect, you’ll need a doe foot applicator. Make sure you have enough liquid product on it to replicate the look.

‘Coz a pop of colour never hurt nobody


Blues, greens, purples  – time to go all out! Create a fun monotone look using a star colour and you’re Halloween ready. Add it to your eyes, lips, hair and even brows. Seriously, just go for it. Trust us, it’s the easiest and you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd without trying too hard. 

Ready to try these out?


Featured Image: Instagram, Just Jared 

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29 Oct 2019

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