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Got A Triangular Shape Face? We’ve Found The Best Hairstyles To Flatter You!

When it comes to getting a fresh chop, we all want in on the latest hairstyle trends, right? But the truth is, sometimes there are styles that flatter particular face structures only. So, how do you identify your face shape? By actually looking at your face closely! Now, if you think you have a triangular face but need more of an in-depth description, we’ve got you covered. Triangular face shapes have a wider jawline than the forehead. For you, it is important to pick out a triangular face shape hairstyle that balances out your wide jawline and reduces the prominence of your chin. Confused about what we mean? Today, we’re taking major inspiration from celebrities so you can pick the right ‘do! Here are the best hairstyles for triangle face shapes.

Short Hairstyles For Triangular Face Shape


The length right under the chin is perfect for triangular face shapes. Shorter hairstyles for triangular face shapes are ideal because they don’t make your face appear longer.

Full, heavy bangs

heavy bangs Hairstyle For Triangular Face Shape



Take inspiration from Kate Walsh aka Dr Addison Montgomery who wears her hair down in full bangs and matches it with a layered lob. The best hairstyle for a triangle face shape is definitely this one! Her narrow forehead is completely concealed and the look is so balanced, you will forget she has a triangular face shape! To style, you’ll need a great rounded brush and a blow dryer. This will give them the added volume and shine and reduce frizz.

Side-parted lob

side parted lob Hairstyle For Triangular Face Shape



This side part flatters actor Miranda Cosgrove’s triangular face shape perfectly and when paired with this wavy, beachy hair, it is a clear winner. It balances her wide forehead without covering all of her face up! To prevent your hair from falling flat (especially when the side part is this deep), make sure you use a volumizing mousse or give your roots a blast of hot hair using a rounded hairbrush.

Hairstyles On Oval Face

Soft pixie cut

soft pixie cut short Hairstyle For Triangular Face Shape



This hairstyle is a perfect example of how women with a triangular face shape can style their hair. The side bangs give the illusion of a wide forehead and because they end right across Bella Hadid’s cheekbone, they immediately draw attention to it. To get the look, simply blow dry your hair in the direction that you want to part it. This will help it to fall better. Then go over the sections with a straightener, spray on some shine spray and you are set!

Choppy pixie cut

Choppy pixie cut short Hairstyle For Triangular Face Shape



If you’re looking for some seriously experimental looks, singer Kelly Osbourne is the one you should turn to. Loose, soft layers that have been arranged in a side part are ideally a recipe for success, thanks to the fact that the bangs are cheek-grazing and take attention away from your jawline.

Half down, half updo

half down updo Hairstyle For Triangle shaped face



This half updo is a great style to copy, especially if you have just 5 minutes to throw your hair up in a style and want to look like you’ve seriously made an effort. Simply tie your hair up in a ponytail and twist it until it coils into a bun. Wrap it around the base of your elastic and secure it with bobby pins or an extra hair tie.


Medium Length Hairstyles For Triangular Face Shape

Medium length hairstyles, especially lobs are perfect for triangular face shapes because they are universally flattering. Seriously, everyone from Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt, (both of who have different face shapes FYI) rock this length with equal ease! Here are some of the best medium length hairstyles for triangular face shape.

Flipped out hair with a side part

flipped our Hairstyle For Triangular Face Shape


For triangular face shapes, we love a good no part or side part moment but when paired with flipped out ends and a high ponytail, the impact hits differently. It balances the narrow forehead whereas the ponytail draws your eyes from the elastic to the ends! Make sure you flip out the ends of your hair, this will help to draw attention to your chin.

Curtain bangs with light layers

curtain bangs Hairstyle For Triangle shaped Face


Remember, the idea is to balance the proportions of your face. Adding curtain bangs (these are longer fringes that can be parted on either side to frame your face) will give your hair some movement but be careful not to tuck them behind your ears!

Pigtails with side braids

pigtails Hairstyle For Triangular Face Shape


Normally, we’d advise you to steer clear of pulling your hair back from your face completely but this hairstyle works thanks to Vanessa Hudgens’s side part and braids that eventually join into her longer pigtails. So, how do you get the look? Well, firstly know that this hairstyle works better on second or third-day washed hair. Secondly, As long as both your pigtails sit symmetrically, this ‘do works. No neatness or flyaway control necessary. Grab a small section of hair on the side of your head and dutch braid it like you normally do. Keep picking up sections from your hair till you reach your nape and then braid everything together! Voila! You’re done. 

‘90s-inspired porcupine bun

porcupine bun Hairstyle For Triangular Face Shape


The messy bun may be a red carpet favourite but if you have piece-y, choppy layers and want to pull your hair back from your face, this ‘90s inspired look on Lana Candor should be your go-to. The messy, wavy ends of her hair keeps the look from well…looking too proper. Bonus points for the way her hairstylist Matt Fugate has piled on all of her hair on her crown for extra volume! To get the look, simply aim to tie your hair up higher than you normally would when you do a messy bun. 

Messy, puffy hair with a low ponytail

puffy hair with low pony Hairstyle For Triangular Face Shape


This hairstyle suits triangular faces beautifully because the additional volume on top of the head and the wispy strands together balance the look. To make your puff stay intact, pull back a small section of hair from the front. Roll it to keep it in shape and attach a tiny bobby pin to fix it in place! Secure the rest of your hair in a low ponytail and you’re set!

Long Length Hairstyles For Triangular Face Shape

If you like wearing your hair long and have a triangular face shape, no problem! Just make sure you fully manipulate your hair into waves and bends to draw emphasis on the top half of your head. This will help balance the more prominent, bottom half of your face. Here are the best long length hairstyles for triangular face shape.

Long choppy layers with twin ponytails

Long choppy layers with twin ponytails for triangle shaped face


This long soft wavy hairstyle is a great way to draw attention away from your jawline. The curtain bangs add volume to the crown and the loose waves give a soft touch to the whole look. Special shoutout to the ends of Lana’s hair that are secured with elastics in a way that they command our attention! The centre part here works because it divides her forehead into two while the bands give it added volume. 

Fake a bob

Fake bob for long Hairstyle For Triangular Face Shape


If you have long hair and don’t want to commit to chopping it off, take notes from Deepika Padukone. As mentioned before, flipped in ends of hair work well for triangular face shapes because they balance out the jawline by accentuating the chin and lower part of the face. How do you fake the look? First, enhance your natural hair texture (especially if your hair is freshly washed) or spritz in some texturising spray. Tie your hair in two loose ponytails and loop them over each other. Secure them using bobby pins and repeat on the other side. 

A head full of curls

full hair curls for triangle shaped face


A head full of tight curls is also the way to go if you want to add some volume to your hair. All you need is a curling iron for this look. Take small sections of hair and start curling them one by one. As soon as you’re done curling a section, pin it in place with a hair clip or bobby pin and let it cool. Repeat in opposite directions throughout your head and resist the urge to run your fingers through. When it comes to styling the front portion of your hair, make sure your side part is being curled away from your face. This will help to open it up and draw attention to the top half of your face, instead of you hiding behind oodles of volume. 

Crimped hair

Crimped hair


In adding tons of volume to your hair, waves and curls will be your BFFs! Opting for an all over crimped look is a sure shot way of reducing the width of your jawline because the volume is somewhat evenly distributed. Don’t forget to go in for a centre part, asymmetric hairstyles for the win! Don’t have a crimper at home? No problem! Just tie your hair into microbraids and use a hair straightener to go over each plait. Open the braids up and you’re ready!


How should I part my hair if I have a triangular face shape?

Part your hair in the direction that you want to style it in. This will help it to fall better. A deep side part on a triangular face will diffuse the width of the jawline! Whatever you do, don’t tuck your hair behind your ear as this will draw more attention to your jawline.

How can I tell if I have a triangular face shape?

If you have a wide jaw (wider than your cheekbones and forehead), congratulations! You are a triangular faced beauty.

What hair length is perfect for triangular face shape?

All hair lengths suit triangular faces but if your hair is medium length or long, stick to layers (a couple at least) to add more volume on your crown.

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Hope this piece was helpful and you found your perfect, face-flattering hairstyle!

Featured Image: Pinterest

26 Feb 2021

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