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6 Best Flake-Free Hair Gels That We’re Obsessed With & Will Lock Any Hairstyle In Place

6 Best Flake-Free Hair Gels That We’re Obsessed With & Will Lock Any Hairstyle In Place

Summer is here, and if you’re anywhere close to the equator, it’s freakin’ HOT! With all the heat and impending humidity, our hair just doesn’t play by our rules. Which means it’s time to take control with the right products to keep your hair in place. While hair gels might remind you of the most cringe-worthy looks of the early aughts, they’re actually great when you wanna slay the hair game.

As beauty trends always circle back, the age-old cycle has ushered in the return of Y2K fashion, poker-straight hair, pencil-thin brows, and more, but is the hair gel officially having a comeback? The answer is yes! As we create the likes of Bella Hadid’s signature snatched updo or the glossy, drenched styles flooding our FYPs at the moment, it’s clear that finding the best hair for your hair type should be at the forefront of your next beauty buy. So if you are interested in dipping your toes back into the gel pool, buy these hair gels for when you wanna pull off a slicked-back look.

Hair Gels That Will Give You A Celeb-Approved Slicked Back Look

A Beauty Find We’re Losing It Over

If your hair is very fine, you should choose a lightweight gel – nothing too heavy because the hair is gonna look way thinner and stiff. You can go for Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel to achieve slick ponytails and more. It has a liquid-y consistency so it’s easy to use and you can layer it on the hair.

Hair Gel Of Our Dreams!

Those with thinning hair should act with caution when using hair gel, to make sure it doesn’t exacerbate damage and stressed-out strands. The trick here is to opt for products that boost volume and help thin areas appear fuller. This one by Nioxin is formulated to strengthen and thicken hair as you style it

To Amp Up The Texture

Have you hit a styling rut because of your thick, coarse hair? Trust us, you are not alone. If you’re looking for a gold-standard buy to nourish and define your hair, this product is worth trying. It’s a leave-in gel perfect for that sleek, polished hair with a silky touch.

A Game-Changer

For sleek hairstyles, this texturising paste is a game-changer. If you are looking for a texturiser that will keep the flyaways away without weighing your hair down, this moldable paste is for you. It helps add gentle hold for wide-ranging styles and hair lengths.

Gold-Standard Formula

It’s time to experiment with all those slick and sophisticated hairstyles thanks to this all-natural and vegan product. Containing humectants like glycerine, essential oils, purified aqua, and flaxseed extract, this gel effectively prevents flyaways and delivers a glossy finish.

Guaranteed Good Hair Day, Every Day

Worried about chemical-loaded styling gels causing harm to your hair? Try this organic, strong-hold gel that will end up doing only good to your hair. If you’re looking for a great lightweight natural styler for strands, this is the one to pick.

Will you be wearing your hair sleek, smooth, and sexy for the weekend?

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26 May 2022

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