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6 Hair Cut Trends That Serve Main Character Energy

6 Hair Cut Trends That Serve Main Character Energy

There’s nothing we love more than getting a fresh haircut and stepping out of the salon looking like the main character. The term “main character energy”  has lit up Instagram and means exactly what it sounds like: If life were a movie, that fella would have the starring role. Think of the person who walks down a busy street with the sun on their face, wind in their hair, looking like a million bucks. Yes, that’s the vibe we want to recreate with our hair cut.

Whether you want to serve Maddy Perez from Euphoria, Daphne from Bridgerton, or Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the city – these on-trend haircuts are guaranteed to give off serious main character energy.

6 Hot-Right-Now Haircuts That’ll Keep You  Looking Fly

Bohemian Bob

We are calling it: this scandi bob is set to be the hottest hair trend of 2022 and it has got Instagram’s hard-won seal of approval. The look is high on style yet low-maintenance as it requires minimal styling. It can be worn with curls, waves, or kinks. The haircut is giving modern-day Carrie Bradshaw vibes and we’re off to copy the look. 

Shag + Rachel = The Sachel

This haircut is gonna flood your FYPs this fall. So if you wanna start wearing the fall hair trend before everyone else, get the Sachel haircut before October hits. The haircut is a kinda mix of the iconic Rachel and the shag. It has got the striking, off-beat style of the shag blended with the wearability of the Rachel. Chin-length bangs work best if you veer towards a softer look while razor-sharp fringe will give your look a rebellious vibe.


Chin Bang FTW

Take a seat curtain bangs, chin bangs are here. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or coily – unlike curtain bangs, chin bangs flatter every hair texture. The extra length framing the face looks gorgeous on everyone. The best part is you can easily style the bangs with a ponytail, which makes them the perf transitional haircut.

’70s-Inspired Layers

’70s beauty trends are making a big comeback for fall and this layered haircut is no exception. This fall is all about making our curtain bangs a bit fuller and thicker and layering all the way down. If you want to take style to the next level, wear your hair blown out and you’re sure to rake in the compliments.

Bottleneck Bangs

For babes who do not want to lose length, this is one of the chicest hairstyles to tap into the current ‘70s beauty trends revival without going too far from your comfort zone. The haircut has been spotted on the most stylish women on Instagram. You can have small fringes on the front or go slightly longer to give a grown-out vibe. 

Butterfly Cut

If you wanna look fashionable without sacrificing your length, take Addison Raee’s lead. The butterfly cut has shorter layers just below the chic to frame the face and accentuate your feature and longer layers give an illusion of length. The haircut provides so much shape and volume. We like!


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Featured Image: Instagran

06 Sep 2022

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