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No Shades Of Grey: 9 Natural Ways To Darken Your Hair!

No Shades Of Grey: 9 Natural Ways To Darken Your Hair!

Oh the horror, when you spotted your first grey strand! You either went screaming to your mom or bestie and whined about it for hours, or just sat quietly and accepted that this HAD to happen at some point in life. And from then on, there was no looking back – one grey hair turned into 5, 20, 200… you’ve basically lost count now. The bright side – there are multiple ways you can tackle greys. Here are some effective hacks to cover grey hair.

1. Curry Leaf Cures

Boil some curry leaves in coconut oil till it turns black. Apply this concoction on your hair about twice a week and watch it solve your problem.

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2. Beetroot Mehendi, Anyone?

2 cover grey hair - beetroot mehendi


Plain mehendi can make your grey hair look orange, and not many of us would be okay with that, would we? So, the next time you soak mehendi, add some beetroot in it. The beetroot will give a nice tint to your mehendi-ed hair. And don’t forget the natural conditioning qualities of mehendi does wonders for your hair.

3. Amla Works Wonders

You could either add amla to your hair oil or you could simply apply amla paste directly to your hair. This has proven to be quite an effective remedy and is believed to show results in approximately two weeks.

4. Ginger Is Great Too

4 cover grey hair - ginger

No, you don’t have to apply this on your hair. What could help is grated ginger along with one spoon of honey consumed on a daily basis.


5. Biotin-Rich Foods, Yes Please!

Biotin is an important ingredient if you want to consume food that’ll help with your greying issue. Foods that are good for you are oats, egg yolks, almonds, cucumber, carrots, walnuts, and soybeans, among others.

6. Grab A Jar Of Ghee

6 cover grey hair - ghee
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Ghee isn’t just for your paranthas and daal tadkas, girls. Applying ghee on your hair once or twice a week doesn’t only moisturise your hair, but it also doubles up as a great hack for greying hair.

7. Rosemary And Sage

Apart from being a fragrant garnish for your food, these herbs are your go-to remedy for greying hair. Boil equal amounts of rosemary and sage in a cup of water, sieve it and apply it like a natural colour for your hair. Rosemary oil is helpful too.


8. Give Shikakai A Try

8 cover grey hair - shikakai

This is probably something your granny mentioned to you at some point. How she often washed her hair with natural shikakai and that that’s the reason she still has hair thicker than yours. Truth is, it is indeed, a great nourishment for your hair and applying it regularly can help with your greying problem too. 3-4 pods of shikakai soaked in a jug of water overnight, boiled later and then used to rinse your hair should do the job.

9. Magical Mango Seeds

It’s the fruit of the season, girls. Powder of mango seeds mixed with some amla is an effective hair pack for those looking to tackle the greying issue.

03 Aug 2017

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