#HeSays: 7 Common Mistakes Women Make In Bed!

POPxo ManPOPxo Man  |  May 5, 2016
#HeSays: 7 Common Mistakes Women Make In Bed!


Us guys love sex – this is a statement almost universally true. And we love it when you ladies are just as into it. Hell, we’re pretty much your grateful slaves if you let us into your bed. But there are times when we do run into little hitches in the bedroom – here are a few things we’d love for you to know, a few hurdles that only you can help us get past! No, we’re not claiming to be perfect ourselves – which is exactly why we need your help…

1. Please don’t obsess over how you look

Chances are, if you have a guy in bed with you, he is very happy to be there. And very happy to explore and pay tribute to your body. Please don’t ask us in bed if you’re looking good enough – you ARE. And the more confident you are about your own body, the more secure we feel that you’re not judging us for our flaws.

sex mistakes 1

2. Imaginative is an infinitely more interesting route than routine

Yes, you doing that particular thing might be the best thing ever, and make us come immediately. But that’s not necessarily what we want to do every single time. Variety may not be the spice of life always, but a little mixing up of things in the bedroom definitely keep us engaged more and keener than ever before to blow your mind. Different positions, different locations, or even a different order of doing things – it all helps to keep things interesting and exciting. Let’s not fall into a rutting rut!

3. Give us or ask for feedback, sure – but not all the time!

As much as we appreciate direction, we don’t want it all the time – leaves us feeling somewhat constrained and inhibited. Please allow us some leeway to try new things (and become good at it) – for all you know, you might discover something new that you like too! And the same with you trying to figure out whether we’re enjoying it – we are! We’re fairly obvious creatures, so if we hate something, our faces and bodies show it. You’d definitely notice the lack of arousal on our part – it’s quite impossible to miss!

sex mistakes 3

4. Arousal is not always instant

We too have different moods – let no one tell you otherwise. Some days we are turned on very quickly, some days we need a little build-up and extra foreplay, some days we’re not in the mood at all and would prefer to just hang out instead of going at it. Be kind to us please, and make allowances for our state of mind. Don’t get mad at us if we’re being a bit reluctant; just give us some time, and we swear we’ll soon enough be trying very hard to get back into your pants.

5. And recovery time is a real thing

No man – well, not your average guy for sure – can keep going for hours on end, or go several times an hour. The more intense it is, the more time we need to recover, especially if we’ve had an orgasm – just like you. So cut us some slack every now and then, and let us have that power snooze. The sooner we’re rested, the sooner we’ll be ready to go again. We can’t help but be ready again, given that you’re naked and in bed with us – just give us a little time to catch our breath and rebuild our energies!

sex mistakes 5

6. Let’s match pace, yes?

We know you like it hard and fast sometimes, and slow and easy at others. So do we! So if you happen upon us on a day when we’re raring to go right from the start, please don’t make us slow down if you can possibly pace things up? We’d do the same for you. Promise.

7. We cannot emphasize our appreciation of oral sex enough

Ladies, let me put it right out there for everyone: we love oral sex. All of us love receiving it; most of us love returning the favour. Sometimes – and by that I actually mean most of the time – the possibility of oral sex is more of a turn on than the certainty of intercourse. Please indulge us – we promise to make it worth your while.

sex mistakes 7

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