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The Most GORGEOUS Hairstyle Ideas For Your Reception Night!

The Most GORGEOUS Hairstyle Ideas For Your Reception Night!

It’s your big day, your princess moment and everything has to be perfect. From your outfit to the footwear, accessories and makeup, you’ve got everything decided but you know what ties the whole look together- the hair. While you may want to go for a conventional bun for your wedding day, for the reception night you can go all glam and experiment with your hairdo. To help you out, we’ve got these bridal hairstyles for the reception that’ll complement every kind of lehenga, saree or gown you’re planning to wear.

Open Hairstyles
Half-up Half-down Hairdos
Tied Up Hairstyles
Hair Accessories 

Leave Your Tresses Cascading And Open

Girls who are blessed with thick and luscious hair have the liberty to leave it open. If you’re wearing a beaded gown or something western and you want to show off the natural beauty of your mane, this is the best style to pick. Don’t worry about it not staying in place because with styling tools and hair sprays, your hairstylist definitely has your back.

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Blown Out Beach Curls


Image Source: Instagram

When it comes to long flowy gowns, nothing is more romantic than curls. If you’ve got long hair and have the volume to pull off this hairstyle, then you should. There’s nothing like flaunting your natural beauty on your big day, right?! You can even try this hairstyle on saree

Old Hollywood Glam


Image Source: Instagram

Remember those yesteryear actresses and how classy their side parting hairstyles looked? Well, you can recreate that hairstyle for the reception day as well. Side sweep your tresses to one side and keep the style elegant and chic. If you’re wearing heavy earrings that you want to flaunt, then this is the *perf* look to go for.

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Rocking Those Outward Curls


Image Source: Instagram

This is the most common hairdo you can go for on your reception when it comes to keeping the bounce and volume alive. Outward ringlet curls suit almost all face structures and along with a side-parted front section, you’re sure to dazzle like the diva you are.

Sideway Ringlets


Image Source: Instagram

Why should girls with long hair have all the fun? Also, we love how the bride’s highlights are complimenting the look.

Pro tip: If you’re going to colour your hair before the wedding, make it a tone to flatter your skin tone and ensembles.

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Loose Casual Curls


Image Source: Instagram

Natural yet radiant, that’s got to be the most elegant reception look. You can opt for loose, bouncy curls to add texture and volume to your hair. Effortlessly whimsical avatar, here we come!

Centre Parting And Poker Straight


Image Source: Instagram

This hairstyle is a little tricky to pull off especially if the volume in your hair is less. However, if you go for a good stylist, she knows the trick of adding extensions to create a more fuller look. To add to the drama you can have a centre parting in the front section to keep locks out of your face and leave the rest of the hair poker straight.

Straight And Stylish


Image Source: Instagram

Swish that gorgeous mane around and own it like the Goddess you know you are! If poker straight isn’t your thing, you can always go for a more naturally smoothened look. That way the bounce and fun won’t go and you can show-off your hair length as well.

Straight Hair With A Touch Of Edgy


Image Source: Instagram

How voguish does this sleek style look? If straight hair is just too passe for you, you can always add a touch of glam to it. Pin it back up from one side and give it the tiniest bounce from the other and voila, you’ve recreated this uber-modern hairstyle. Pick a hair accessory to match your jewellery and your entire ensemble will look tied together.


Beachy Waves


Image Source: Instagram

Can’t choose between curly and straight hair? Wavy is your bae then! Let your tresses also have fun as you dance and enjoy yourself, it’ll make for stunning candid pictures and cute Boomerangs with hair flips, a hundred times yes! You can even choose this if your dress is heavily embellished and you want to mute everything down a notch.

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Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles For Reception

If you’re in a conundrum and you can’t decide whether to keep your hair completely tied up in a bun or a knot or to let it loose completely, you can go for a half-up half-do style. Some strands can be pinned up to create more volume and bounce while some wavy curls can be added to the open section to keep the texture going.


Image Source: Instagram

If you have really thin hair, then this is the style for you. You can get extensions to add some volume and length to the open section and backcombing is just the way to add volume to the crown area.

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Beaded Hair Accessories For The Win!


Image Source: Instagram

If you want to add a gorgeous beaded or bedazzled hair accessory to your ensemble then a fancy hairband is a great option. Keep the front section loose, so that the front flicks frame your face. Opt for soft curls or a blow dry for the rest of your hair.

A Centre Parting Puff For The Maangtika


Image Source: Instagram

Create a puff in the front and part your hair through the middle. Add a maangtika and you’re set to rock on your reception night. Add curls to create a fuller look and don’t forget to secure the maangtika with a double-sided tape.

Front Puff And A Ponytail


Image Source: Instagram

For all you beauties who don’t want to be bothered by your hairdo looking messy, thanks to all the dancing, the pony is here to your rescue. The half ponytail is the perfect way to look stylish while keeping your hair in place.

Half Braid And Half Wavy Hairdo


Image Source: Instagram

Just look at this gorgeousness! If you want to actually opt for a super stylish yet casual look then this kind of a braid is what you need. A half braid with the rest of the hair let loose is an elaborate do that’ll fetch you all the compliments!

French It Up!


Image Source: Instagram

We love how the multiple French braids add character to this look. From braids that separate the top section from the open hair to multiple braids running along the length of the hair, this one’s a winner.

Boho Chic Braids With Curls


Image Source: Instagram

Soft wavy curls add that bohemian look and the French braids start from the front and are pinned at the back to make it look like a tiara. Add in a floral hair accessory and you’re good to go!

Single Braided Crown


Image Source: Instagram

This hairstyle is similar to the previous one except that instead of two braids meeting at the back, there’s a single braid starting from one side going all the way back. Again, the bouncy curls add volume to give the bride that effortlessly glam look.

A Criss-Cross Style


Image Source: Instagram

If you think braids and plaits are not for you but still want to go for a half-up-half-down hairdo, then you can consider this one. While it follows a similar look with the soft, ringlet curls and a hair crown around the head, it actually uses pins and a criss-cross pattern to do so.

Puff With Tight Pinned Curls


Image Source: Instagram

Unlike the previous looks, this one is more of a put together hairstyle. The curls are tighter and more deliberate. Side bangs and a pouf add all the drama and it’s the one hairdo that’ll go extremely well with your indo-western reception gown.

An Elaborate Affair


Image Source: Instagram

A mix of french braids, twisty knots and curls, this one’s such a pretty hairdo! The floral hairpiece adds all the charm and a hairstyle like this one can also be worn for your Mehendi or cocktail ceremony.

Hair Completely Tied Up

A neatly tied bun is what most brides opt for on the wedding day. If you love buns and would like to sport one on the reception too, we have the most stylish options for you. To keep your hair off your face and to make sure that your jewellery takes centre stage, a stylised bun is what you need.   

Twisted Bun


Image Source: Instagram

Buns are probably the most common updo an Indian bride can go for. Mostly because it goes with close to all styles; from lehengas to Indian gowns, a bun can complement ‘em all. This hairstyle is classic, chic and calls for all the attention to the designer dress you’re wearing. For that festive look add some flowers to match your outfit and voila, ready to dazzle the world.

High Bun With Side Fringe


Image Source: Instagram

A side fringe frames mostly all face shapes but especially looks nice if you have a round or an oval structure. And we love the high bun that adds a stylish twist to the look. For a chic and modern look, this is what you need to bookmark.  

Floral Criss-Cross Bun


Image Source: Instagram

If you’re going for a traditional look for your wedding reception there’s probably no better hairstyle than a floral bun. If you don’t want to make it very OTT with massive flowers, you can add a gajra around the bun like in this picture along with a criss-cross pattern.

Twisted Low Bun


Image Source: Instagram

A twisted low bun is perfect to give you that easy, relaxed look. Leave some strands in the front to frame your face and add in a statement juda pin to complete your look. This hairstylist has used a string of pearls to maintain the shape of the bun and also used an earring as a hair accessory. Isn’t that cool? You can even use a passa which you aren’t planning on wearing to do the same.

All About The Swirls


Image Source: Instagram

Who said you can’t go ultra glam with buns? This swirled updo shows you how. The hairstyle has a side puff and the rest of the hair is tied back. Don’t worry if you don’t have thick hair or lack volume, your stylist can always add a bunch of fake hair to get the desired result. It’s perfect to show off your decolletage and jewellery too.

Braided Bun


Image Source: Instagram

Braids and buns together mean all things beautiful! If you want to keep the style of a plait but don’t want your hair hanging long then this kind of a bun is perfect. The front section of the hair has been crimped with a centre parting and the rest has been gorgeously tied in a long twisted braid. It’s the perfect updo to go with your Indo-western outfit.  

Crimped Twisted Bun


Image Source: Instagram

A twisted bun adds volume to your crown because there are so many layers to the style. On top of that, the locks are crimped to further add texture to the look. The tresses are kept into place with bobby pins, yet, it isn’t tied back tightly so as to give you a headache. Tiny little floral details are optional.

Classic Low Bun


Image Source: Instagram

How neat does this pretty hairdo look? The front portion has been slicked back with gel to be kept into place and the rest of the hair has been tied into a low bun. The stylist has even added a statement fake flower headpiece to hide the pins keeping it in place. If you have thin hair, this is a good look to opt for as it gives the illusion of lustrous locks!

Pretty Little Roses


Image Source: Instagram

Thought you could only put roses as hair accessories in your bun? Well, you can actually twist your tresses to resemble the swirl of the flower as done in this look. Instead of the puff, this time you can add some dutch braids to the front section as it does the same job of adding volume to the crown but with a fun twist.

Vintage Hollywood Glam


Image Source: Instagram

Remember the open hair Hollywood glam look we showed you earlier? This is basically the same thing but in a bun. That classic side curl of the front section takes us back to the sets of The Great Gatsby! Pair with an embellished gown or saree and you know your guests will be raving about your look all night long!

A Side Braid


Image Source: Instagram

Fishtail braids go with just about any outfit. From a very traditional look to a completely western avatar, the braid is not going to leave your side. A regular plait may seem too little for a reception hairstyle but a fishtail braid has just the right amount of intricate detailing. Add a halo crown in the front to amp up the hairstyle and voila, you’re ready.

The Beautiful Fishtail


Image Source: Instagram

Another fishtail braid but instead of it being on the side, it’s at the back. This one has a bohemian vibe to it and with the little pearls were strewn around it really does look worthy of a princess bride. The hair is twisted laterally to create a divide between the plait and the crown and looks absolutely stunning!

The Pony With A Braid


Image Source: Instagram

We’re totally in love with this half-ponytail half-braid look. If you don’t want to look very formal at your reception and want to go for a more playful vibe, this is a great option. The front hair has been twisted into two french braids meeting at the back from where the fishtail braid starts. However, instead of braiding the hair completely, a major section at the ends has been left loose.

Rapunzel Like Floral Plait


Image Source: Instagram

This is somewhat similar to Sonam Kapoor’s look for her mehendi and a lesson in how to make a simple braid look spectacular. All you have to do is drape a floral string along the length of the braid. Match the flowers to your outfit or go for a contrasting look. Either way, it’ll look stunning!

Go Zig-Zag!


Image Source: Instagram

Fancy a zig-zag braid?! The multiple layers of braids add that whimsical and boho look while also adding volume and texture. The look may take longer to achieve cause of the complicated knots and twists but it sure as hell is worth it, right!?

Simple Yet Elegant Braid


Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes, the simpler the hairdo, the more beautiful it turns out. Just like this braid! Deck up your hair with statement hair accessories or opt for the royal maathapati to make this hairdo stand out.

A Topsy-Turvy Affair


Image Source: Instagram

Another extremely stylish look, this one makes it to our favourites list! The front section has been blow-dried to the side and the rest of the hair has been twisted to cascade into a loosely tied fishtail braid. Again, this is a universal look and can go well with Indian as well as a western outfit.

Braid It Like Jasmine


Image Source: Instagram

Who doesn’t want to be a Disney Princess?! Your reception day is the perfect opportunity to channel that inner Jasmine and look fabulous. The golden accessories go well with warm Indian tones, just like the Princess herself and recreating that would be brilliant.

A Low Ponytail With A French Braid


Image Source: Instagram

This is a little more put together version of the classic wavy hair ponytail. The front hair has been brought back in a French braid and tied together in a thick, bouncy ponytail. Remember to hide the hair ties with some of your strands so that it all looks seamless. You can add flowers, a diamond or pearl hair comb or even a tiny tiara to finish it off.

Messy Ponytail With Beach Waves


Image Source: Instagram

If you’re having a beach wedding and the reception isn’t as formal, it’ll be fun to play around with your hairstyles a bit. This one with a slight puff in the front and two braids from the side meeting at the back only to create this messy, refreshing high ponytail is the perfect hairdo. Pair it with an Indo-western look like a cropped top and skirt or an Indian floor-length gown and you’re done.

Sleek Ponytail


Image Source: Instagram

Why should it only be about the curls? Even straight, sleek hair is one of those looks you can’t go wrong with. There’s a slight puff in the front and then the hair is simply tied up into a high Ariana Grande style tail. Just keep in mind that adding volume and texture becomes imperative because this could look flat and dry after some time.

If you’re confused about what hair accessory to go for, don’t worry your pretty li’l head, coz we’ve got it all sorted for you.

6 Hair Accessories That’ll Make You Look Like A Million Bucks



Image Source: Instagram

Nothing can compare to having blooming buds adorning your hair on your big day. For your wedding, you can go for an Anushka Sharma style floral bun but for your reception, stick to baby’s-breath or lilies. You can add a gajra too if you would like to go for a traditional look.



Image Source: Instagram

From long strings of pearls to bobby pins with a single bead, pearls can add all the charm to your reception look. You could go all out as in this picture or keep it nice and subtle.

We adore these pearly pins for your hair. Look like a gorgeous mermaid, heck yeah! Buy it here.

Price: Rs. 968

Discounted Price: Rs. 532



Image Source: Instagram

Maangtikas, especially kundan ones give a very regal feel to your look. If you have a smaller forehead, opt for a delicate maangtika, but, for brides with a broader forehead, we recommend going for a statement piece

Rock this white kundan mangtikka and the best part is that it will match close to everything. Buy it here.

Price: Rs. 592

Discounted Price: Rs. 359

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Image Source: Instagram

A quintessential hair accessory for the desi bride is the maathapatti. It’s a little heavier than the maang tikka but looks just as gorgeous. Pick out a colour to contrast or match your outfit and voila, ready to slay!

Go full-on desi princess with this mathapatti we spotted and be ready for ’em compliments. Buy it here.

Price: Rs. 1250



Image Source: Instagram

Only the best for the Princess on her big day. While you may not be able to wear a tiara with your traditional outfit on your D-day, the reception is the perfect occasion for a headband or tiara. You can have a gold one like this or even a pearl or embellished one depending on what your outfit is like.

Princess vibes in this tiara for your D-day that we spotted? A hundred times yes. Buy it here.

Price: Rs. 1200

Discounted Price: Rs. 1000

Bedazzled Hair Combs


Image Source: Instagram

This diamond-studded hair comb is so gorgeous and a modern take on the floral hair accessories. An encrusted hair comb not only looks pretty but is the one accessory that can be worn after the wedding too.

Hey, bride-tobe check out this gorgeous hair comb, it’s everything the dazzling diva in you wanted. Buy it here.

Price: Rs. 349

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Now that you know close to everything there is for bridal hairstyles, it’s time to call your bridal hairstylist and tell them exactly what you want for your special day!

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