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Dear Mermaids, The Piscean Month Is Here & It’s Time To Stock Up On All Things Glitter!

Dear Mermaids, The Piscean Month Is Here & It’s Time To Stock Up On All Things Glitter!

If you believe in the magical world of mermaids and unicorns, eat glitter for breakfast and believe in sparkling all day, then my dear Piscesian friend, you’re in for a treat.

Sequins, sparkles, and glitter just make everything better, right? Don’t like your nails, just add a glitter topcoat. Need to stand out from the crowd, just add a touch of glitter to your #OOTD. And not just for your face and body, glitter looks good with everything.

Are you ready to *rise and shine*? 


Products That Will Add A Touch Of Sparkle To Your Life

If glitter excites you the same way Vicky Kaushal excites us, then keep your debit and credit cards ready.

Flutter ‘Em Lashes With Doses Of Glitter

If you’re all about going bold or going home, you’ll love this glitter mascara. Add a dash of glitter to your lashes and flutter away!

Pen Down Your Magical Thoughts In Here

If you’re someone who regularly pens down their thoughts or just likes to maintain a diary, why not write in a sparkly diary instead? A pretty diary for your pretty thoughts, we say.

Keep Your Dolla Dolla Bill$ Here

Keep your spare change and important cards in this sequin mini purse. Or simply buy it for the ‘Gram or perhaps use it as a background for your freshly manicured nails?

Spread Sparkle Everywhere You Go

Don’t these stunning kitten heels give you Cinderella vibes? Flaunt these with an all-black or a sequin number and we bet you’ll look like a million bucks!

Bag It Before It Gets Sold Out

If you love glitter as much as you love black, this backpack should be your next buy.

Ready For Some Mist-ic Love

Does this iconic fragrance even need an introduction? Bath & Body Works’ Cherry Blossom range is on everyone’s must-have list and their signature scent also has a glitter variant.

Spray for a spritz of magic!

Comfort With A Side Of Glitter

These easy-breezy slider slippers are every lazy girl’s dream. Running errands just got a snazzy new update, eh?

Cover It Up With Glitter

It’s time to play dress-up with your smartphone. If you love glitter so much, your favourite thing in the entire world also deserves a glitter makeover, don’t you think?

Glitter Lotion

If you’re feelin’ a little beach-y lately or just wish to be adorned with glitter from H2T, you’ll fall in love with this shimmering body lotion in a jiffy!

Dress To Kill (With Your Good Looks)

This sparkly number will look stunning on every body type. Wear this on your next date night with bae, put on red lipstick and we bet you’ll look like a million bucks!

We bet you’re gleaming with joy after checking out these glitter products, right?

18 Feb 2020

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