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This Is What Life Would Be Like If Vicky Kaushal Was My Dilbar(Oh!)

This Is What Life Would Be Like If Vicky Kaushal Was My Dilbar(Oh!)

Life is weird. Everyone finds love in mysterious ways and unexpected places. Surprisingly, I found it in the eyes of the tall, dark and handsome Iqbal Syed in Raazi. For the longest time, people had been on my case to watch Love Per Square Foot but I just didn't want to. However, after Raazi, Vicky Kaushal's eyes mesmerised me and I ended up watching everything he's ever been a part of from Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana to Sanju. So, when I was daydreaming about him and his eyes one afternoon, I figured out a few reasons that  would him make the perfect boyfriend for any girl (me, especially!)

1. Those eyes, god damn, those eyes! He has me feeling weird things with those eyes. Also, the fact that he's so tall doesn't hurt either!


Lost and found.

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2. He's always been a character actor. He's said it in his interviews that he prefers the quality a role provides, not the screentime. Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the man's dedication to his work? I expect him to bring the same dedication to our relationship!

3. He dotes on his mom. Ain't that amazing? Mama's boys make amazing husbands! So, please dote on me too, Vicky!


Happy Birthday Maa :)

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4. Coming from a pretty humble background, he's built his career with hard work and talent. A man with integrity like that is never going to let success get to his head! So, I won't have to deal with his tantrums or high-handedness. There will only be love all around!

5. He wasn't scared to take up Raazi, a movie that he belonged to Alia Bhatt. Is that not amazing? That makes me feel like he's not threatened by a woman's success over his own? You know what that means? He'll celebrate my wins just as much as he celebrates his own!



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6. He's a self-confessed foodie who loves aloo paranthas and panipuri. Can you imagine our dates? Oh my god, already drooling!

7. Also, considering how good he is as an actor, role-play would be too much fun! *wink*


S m ; ) e by @munnasphotography

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Published on Jul 25, 2018
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