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This Holiday Season, Surprise Your BFF With These 10 Gifts That She Will Absolutely Love!

This Holiday Season, Surprise Your BFF With These 10 Gifts That She Will Absolutely Love!

2020 has been a little tough on all of us with a global pandemic hanging on our heads, uncertainty of future, and coping up with drastic changes in our lifestyle. There were some silver linings as well, but all in all, the year was bearable thanks to the people in our lives. We are talking about our darling besties who stood by our sides through thick and thin. They supported us during our breakdowns, let us vent our WFH frustrations, and also called us virtually at two in the morning to show how perfect their Dalgona coffee looked (not sure about the taste though!). 

Interestingly enough, this year was also about trying out different makeup, skincare regimes, and hobbies. Who knew that your lazy bestie had such amazing culinary skills or was a closeted gardener? Also, did you really know that your BFF can ace that red lipstick as an eyeshadow like a pro? No, right? But it seems like we have a lot to thank 2020 for and thank god for that! 

And now that you know two things for sure:1) your bestie is your lifeline and 2) they need some pampering that they totally deserve–we suggest you start adding these fab gifts options to your cart.  So without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Manish Malhotra Eye Advanced Makeup KIT

You might roll your eyes at all your bestie’s drama that she somehow never gets tired of, but you cannot deny that her drama is what adds immense fun to your friendship. So, as an appreciation for all the times your BFF got OTT extra, gift her the Manish Malhotra Beauty Eye Advanced Makeup Kit that’s definitely going to add more drama to her life (and yours too).


St.Botanica Coffee Skin Care Kit

What’s better than sharing a cup of coffee with your bestie and musing over life, love, and everything in between? Well, celebrate all those neverending conversations that you have with your BFF with this amazing coffee skincare kit by St.Botanica. It won’t just refresh her, but will totally remind her of those golden moments as well.

Glow Skincare Everyday Essential Kit

From trying out Bhavana Pandey’s Energy Facelift to creating a face mask with almost every other kitchen ingredient, if your bestie is obsessed with skincare, then we’ve found the best fix for her. This amazing MyGlamm GLOW Iridescent Brightening Skincare Range will enhance the natural radiance of her skin with the help of rosehip oil and keep her away from trying bizarre DIY masks for a long time.

Evening Ritual Gift Box

If your bestie is a workaholic then a) you should remind her to take a break and relax from time to time and b) gift her Evening Ritual Gift Box by Forrest Essentials. This kit is so efficient as it will rejuvenate her skin after a tiring day and take the stress of the day off her face. Believe us when we say, she’s going to love it!

Yamamay Bustier

The world is getting ready to go out (after the vaccine is out!) and it’s high time that you hype your BFF and spice up her life (if it wasn’t already). How will you do that? By gifting your super sexy mama an even sexier bustier by Yamamay. 


Pro tip: Wear this bustier like a top and style it up with just a blazer on the New Year’s eve! Also, thank us later for this tip 😉

Chunky Asymmetrical Stone Bracelet Closed

A little boho with the right touch of kitsch–did we just describe your BFF? Then believe us when we say that this gorgeous Chunky Asymmetrical Bracelet studded with semi-precious stones by Housee of Cleeo is just what she needs to match her vibes. And in case you guys are planning any new year getaway, then this jewellery item is a must! 

DailyObjects Duffle Bag

Always in awe of your traveller bestie who goes on solo trips like a pro and also drags you on fun vacations with her frequently? Then it’s time that you appreciate the wanderer in her by gifting her this vibrant Crimson Red Swing Duffle Bag by DailyObjects. And do it ASAP because she might already be planning her next trip once the pandemic is over.

Southern Scapes Collection Gift Box

We told you the perfect gift for a coffee lover but hey wait, you didn’t think we forgot about chai lovers, right? Jeez, we don’t discriminate when it comes to your choice of caffeine. So check out this fab tea kit that has four different handpicked teas from South India. You know your chaiholic bestie will not be able to resist this one!


Concrete Parabola Planter

If your bestie considers gardening therapeutic and her plants as her babies, then you must motivate her to indulge her passion. And, you can do that by gifting her this cutesy Concrete Parabola Planter by Eliteearth. Your BFF can grow her fav plant in this contemporary planter and love you a little extra whenever she looks at it. Cute, right?

Nadine Check Scarf

Winter is coming has come! Okay, sorry for the Game of Thrones if you’re not a fan reference but not sorry for introducing you to this super-stylish, chic scarf that was made in heaven and presented by Forever New just for your super-stylish, chic bestie. 

Pro Tip: Don’t hesitate in borrowing this comfy piece from her time to time. *wink*

Hope your bestie love these gifts!

17 Dec 2020

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