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20 Gift Ideas For New Boyfriend , If You Just Got Into A Relationship!

20 Gift Ideas For New Boyfriend , If You Just Got Into A Relationship!

This story was updated in February 2019.

Choosing the right gifts for boyfriend can get tricky, given that you still know little about him. No need to worry girl! Have no time for gifting a personalised gifts to your boy friend. Then try this! Here is a list of gift ideas you could pick from that are simple, classic and you just can’t go wrong with these gift ideas for new boyfriend… And you can thank us later!

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Gifts Ideas That Your Boyfriend Will Definitely Love

Why worry when we have your back? Here are 20 gift ideas that can never go wrong with your boyfriend! So go ahead and get scrolling!

Favorite Team Merchandise

Planet Earth is round and all men like some or the other sport. Just find out his favorite football or IPL team and gift him some merchandise like a cap, t-shirt or keychain and he will have another reason to love you!  

A Card

2 gift ideas for your new boyfriend

A card with a cute message is a safe bet when you’ve just started dating the guy. Just make sure it doesn’t have an over the top “I love you, spend every living moment with me” sort of a message. Baby steps!

Husband Birthday Gift Ideas At Home

Let The Creative Juices Run Free

Paint a mug or frame a funny sketch (related to an inside joke maybe) for him. Some guys are suckers for thoughtful and creative handmade gifts!

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The Perfume Effect

4 gift ideas for your new boyfriend

A nice perfume is the perfect thing to gift your boyfriend for his birthday. It is definitely a classy present. Plus, you’ll have yourself to thank if your man always smells intoxicating!

Miniature Daaru

Play 20 questions with him to sneakily find out his alcohol preferences. Then all you have to do is just buy him the miniature(s) he is fond of. Add a slightly naughty message to go with it. Gift is ready!

Sugar? Yes please!

6 gift ideas for your new boyfriend

Send over his favorite cupcakes or chocolates to his place. After all, every guy needs a lil’ sugar and lovin’ every now and then too!

Something Funky

You don’t know everything about him but still want to add a personal touch to the gift? Just go to a Happily Unmarried or Chumbak store and buy him some quirky shot glasses or beer mugs with funky quotes and sayings.It’s the perfect place to shop funky gifts for new boyfriend.

Photo Frame

8 gift ideas for your new boyfriend

Simply get the first picture you guys clicked as a couple printed and slip it into a vibrant photo frame. Classic and adorable!

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Basic Tee

When in doubt, go for a soft, good fabric basic tee. And we’d say that greys, blacks or blues are the safest options – all guys like these colours! And if you’re feeling experimental, pick one with a cool quote on it!

Gift Voucher

Don’t know what size he wears? Just let him pick for himself then! Gift him a voucher from H&M, Zara, or any other brand that you see him wearing usually. Nothing can possibly go wrong with a gift voucher!

Free Pass

The initial stage of a relationship may get a little formal and awkward… Why not gift him a “free pass” to kiss you anytime or the likes of it? It will surely break the ice and let your guy know that you’re ready for the next step!

Movie Night Treat

12 gift ideas for your new boyfriend

Can’t think of anything to gift him? We have a better idea. Just treat him to his favorite superhero movie! Yes, sometimes guys are that easy to please! He’ll love this “gift” for sure!

A Grooming Kit

Believe it or not, men are as conscious about their grooming as us girls! Gift them a grooming kit from their favourite brand that has all the essentials. You can also give him a beard grooming kit if your man loves his beard (and you do too!)

Action Figures!

If your boyfriend loves his superhero movies, what better way to make him happy than to gift him action figures of his favourite characters? Likewise, you could also gift him props from his favourite movies! This one is bound to make him happy!

A Pair Of Great Earphones!


Take it from us, men take their music very seriously. So why not get your guy a pair of earphones that will make him enjoy his music all the more? Bonus point: he is bound to think about you everytime he plugs his music in! This is definitely one of our favourite gift ideas for new boyfriend!

His Favourite Video Game!

Urge your guy to move on from FIFA and gift him a video game that is fresh on the market! Not only will this make him uber happy, but it will also improve your cool factor in his eyes!

Personalised Mug!


If your guy can’t go without his morning dose of coffee, get him a coffee mug that will always make his day! Personalise it with some quirk of him you find cute, or get experimental and decorate it with his favourite movie dialogue!

Sneaker Galore!

It’s not just us women who love their shoes, men are equally crazy about them too! Get your guy that pair of sneakers that he’s been eyeing for some time and you will not be dissapointed! This is one of those gifts for boyfriend that can never possibly fail!

Whiskey Stones!


If your guy likes his liquor, then this is the perfect gift for him! Never again should your boyfriend worry about getting his drink wasted unnecessarily, for these whiskey stones will always give him the experience of having it on the rocks!

A Bean Bag!

You could never go wrong with this one! Almost every guy dreams of owning a bean bag for his bachelor pad. So go ahead and get one for him! On top of our list of classic gifts for boyfriends, your guy is bound to love this!

Now that you have an idea of all the things you could get for your boyfriend, go ahead and get shopping!

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14 Oct 2016

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