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Beauty Team-Approved: Products That’ll Keep You Germ-Free Without Being Harsh On Your Skin

Beauty Team-Approved: Products That’ll Keep You Germ-Free Without Being Harsh On Your Skin

If there’s anything that we’ve learnt in the past few months, it’s that germs and bacteria can grow and multiply on everything. And even when it’s safe to venture out freely again, things are not going to go back to what we once considered normal during the pre-pandemic days.

Now more than ever, we need to think about disinfecting the areas around us and also about protecting our skin from the harsh chemicals in these products. So, your regular skin care products aren’t going to cut it anymore. You now need to focus on disinfecting skincare products that will destroy any bacteria or germs that have settled on your skin without causing any damage to it. The new WIPEOUT range by MyGlamm is everything you wished for, and more! It is loaded with natural ingredients that not only eliminate the nasties but also keep your skin happy and moisturised. As we slowly get back to our regular schedules, these germ-killing products from the range need to be incorporated into your daily routine if you want clean, soft and supple skin.

WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Wash

The constant exposure to germs, bacteria, etc. can impact your skin. Now is the time to invest in a good antibacterial body wash. So, the best way to start your day is with the WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Wash. It’s enriched with natural, antiseptic and moisturising ingredients like tea tree oil, chamomile oil and turmeric extracts; all of which are gentle on your skin and tough on germs. It cleanses your body without causing any harm or damaging the top layer of your skin and its natural oils. Since it doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients, it is perfect for all skin types.

WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Lotion

Moisturiser is the key to getting nourished, soft, smooth skin. After shower, water evaporates off your skin quickly, but applying lotion immediately while the skin is still damp can trap the moisture on your body and prevents your skin from getting itchy and dry. While that is the ultimate goal of using lotion, now you also need to take into consideration the germs that might have settled on your body. Here’s where the WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Lotion comes into the picture. It is enriched with ingredients like cocoa butter and cucumber extracts that moisturise the skin, tea tree oil which acts as a natural antiviral and antibacterial agent and nutgrass oil which acts as an antioxidant. Just layering on this rich, creamy texture will immediately zap away impurities and leave your skin nourished and soft.

So what are you waiting for, add these products to your cart RN!

Featured image: MyGlamm

Toss these products in your purse, desk drawer, car or gym bag to sanitize anytime, anywhere. Ready to make WIPEOUT your new BFF? Check it out here

20 Jul 2020

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