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Your Roomie Is Your Family: 8 Things All Boarding School Kids Will Relate To

Your Roomie Is Your Family: 8 Things All Boarding School Kids Will Relate To

Boarding school is an experience that changes your life. It’s like an alternate universe where you’re expected to wear a well-ironed shirt and clean shoes no matter what. Boarding school life teaches you to be independent, disciplined and you learn to get along with almost everyone. Sure, it’s a lot of fun but e know what you’re thinking. Trust us, it’s nowhere as terrifying as they show in the movies. Now, we’re also not saying that it’s an amazing place to be. But it’s not as bad.

If you’ve ever studied in a boarding school, you’ve had the best and the worst time of your life at this place. And that time has definitely given you a unique perspective on everything in life (including lessons on how to make Maggi without a gas stove or utensils).

Here are a few things you’ll 100% relate to if you’ve lived in a boarding school.

Your Concept Of Privacy Is Not The Same As Others

You have no problem changing your clothes in a room full of people ‘coz you are used to it. You used to do it all the time in your dorm.

You Never Feel Homesick

You’re so used to being a boarder that feeling homesick sounds like an alien concept. You adapt and adjust to new environments quickly.

Your Roomie Is Your Family

They know your deepest darkest secrets and they know far too much about your life for you guys to grow apart. They’re practically your brother or sister.

Boarding School Is A Different World

Being in a boarding school is like living in your own bubble. With your own lingo, rules and inside jokes, you don’t really like it when your friends at home don’t understand these.

You Understand Discipline Like No Other

Apart from making your own bed, you also to follow rules without asking any questions. All thanks to your warden!

Weekends On School Campus? Yes, Please!

Whether it’s a weekend or festive holidays, you’ve spent it all on the school campus. From Holi to to Eid, you celebrate it with the other boarders at school.

Time To Hide Your Snacks

Snacking in your room was the only forbidden thing you couldn’t bring yourself to stop doing. But when it comes to hiding things, especially food, the CIA got nothing on you.

You Can Live Without The Internet

While everyone else starts crying when the internet is down, you don’t even blink an eyelid. ‘Coz you’ve lived in a world where sometimes there was little or no internet access.

BRB, calling my boarding school buddies!

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20 Apr 2021

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