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7 Gorgeous Hairstyles You Can Practice While You’re Social Distancing

7 Gorgeous Hairstyles You Can Practice While You’re Social Distancing

Quarantine life isn’t so bad. Most of us are using this precious time to catch up on reading, watching old movies, baking yummy cakes, mediating, binge-watching makeup and skincare videos on Youtube and spending time with our family. We’re using our time to learn something new every day and that’s what’s more important. If you’re looking for something new to learn, we’d be happy to keep you occupied! Easy, pretty and quick hairstyles you can try at home. The best part is that they don’t require heat and only a couple of hair accessories to nail the look!



7 Fun & Pretty Hairstyles To Try While Social Distancing

Take some time out to practice your favourite hairstyle every day and by the end of this lockdown, you’re going to be a pro.

1. French Braid

One of the prettiest braids to try at home is a French braid. It’s a versatile hairstyle that can be worn to a party and to the gym as well. 


Tip: unwashed hair holds this hairstyle better. 

2. Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is full of mermaid vibes. It looks difficult, but after practice, you’ll surely get the hang of it. Feel free to decorate the braid with tiny flowers and clips!


3. Elegant Low Bun


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A low bun like does one looks fantastic when worn to a wedding or a work event. You don’t need poker-straight hair for it. In fact, the wavier, the better!

4. Beach Waves


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Missing the hair salon, are we? We feel you! You can get beach waves at home without using a curling iron. You just need a pair of… socks. Really! No kidding. 


5. Bubble Ponytail



If your mane touches your booty, then, by all means, try the bubble ponytail. It’ll help keep your hair in one place and make a style statement at the same time *Wink*

6. Side Braid

Since we have the mask on whenever we step out, there’s not much you can do with makeup. But a pretty hairdo like this one can make you instantly stand out. It’s okay to be on a break with makeup, but don’t let your hair game down.


7. Messy Bun

Just because we’re at home, doesn’t mean that we can’t style our hair cute or wear pretty pyjamas! This messy bun is a mood by itself!

Didn’t I tell you that these hairstyles are super easy to do? We have so much of free time in our hands, why not put it to good use, eh?


And remember, practice makes perfect 😉

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22 Jun 2020
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