Beauty Tips To Ace That French-Girl Chic Aesthetic

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 11, 2021
Beauty Tips To Ace That French-Girl Chic Aesthetic


Love how the French look so effortlessly chic all the time? Us too. Their style is minimalistic when it comes to both fashion and beauty looks. Classic French beauty staples are those that enhance one’s natural beauty and not hide it altogether. Their approach to beauty is refreshing and they put comfort first before anything else. If you want to be as cool and beautiful as a French girl, follow these tips to bring your look full circle.

Tips To Ace That French Girl Aesthetic


Skin Affair

For the French, having naturally healthy skin is more important than wearing a full face of makeup. Layering on a full coverage foundation along with concealer and baking etc is not how the French do it. Their skin still looks so alluring because they keep base makeup to a minimum and let their natural skin shine through, imperfections and all. To get natural-looking skin like the French, dot a sheer to medium coverage foundation or just a concealer on areas that have discolouration such as the contours of your nose, chin and under-eye areas and blend. Keep your skincare routine on point and you can even opt for skincare items like BB creams or tinted moisturisers for a gorgeous natural look

Texture Treat

Their mane is always full of gorgeous texture. French women love to flaunt their natural hair texture, unapologetically. With curls and waves adding volume naturally, they make sure to bring out its best form with regular trims and haircuts that allow the texture to be the star of the show. Think layered haircuts, balayage hair colour to add depth, and texture enhancing hair care products for a glorious mane. 

Glow Goals

Contouring is a big no-no for the French as it violates their rule of enhancing their natural beauty. Contouring alters the appearance of one’s natural bone structure and features, and that is not something French women are entirely okay with. Glowing skin on the other hand is what French women are all about and therefore highlighting your features to boost your skin’s luminosity is highly preferable. Choose liquid or cream highlighters to boost your glow and shimmery bronzers to get a sun-kissed contoured effect if you can’t skip contouring altogether.

La Vie En Rose

You will always find rosy cheeks as a key feature in a French girl’s beauty routine. Either they extend the use of their favourite lipstick to their cheeks for a natural flush of colour or they opt for blushes in luxe finishes to get the job done.  Opt for creamy blushes that blend on your skin like a dream and make your cheeks look soft for the best effect. Satin or cream blushes in deep hues also work well if you have a darker complexion while lighter complexions can go in for matte blushes or cheek tints in lighter hues.

Smoke Show

The go-to eye makeup look for the French has got to be smokey eyes. Why? Because it looks effortless, and lived-in and brings out your natural eye shape perfectly. It is also favoured because of the ease of application that requires lesser time and not much skill. Just define your lash lines with a soft brown eyeliner pencil and smudge with a brush to soften the lines. The more lived-in it looks, the better. Even brown eyeshadow smeared on the lids is a total stunner.

French Kiss

The lips see all the action when it comes to vivid colour. French women keep it balanced with lip and eye makeup looks. If their eye makeup is bold, they opt for muted lipstick in neutral hues. And if they want to make their lips the centre of attention, they choose shades of red to make an impact.

You are now equipped to look Parisian chic!

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