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Belle Femme: Stunning Makeup Looks From Emily In Paris That Prove That Minimal Is Magic!

Belle Femme: Stunning Makeup Looks From Emily In Paris That Prove That Minimal Is Magic!

Ever since Emily in Paris debuted on Netflix (on 2nd October), it has been a hot, trending topic for all the fashion enthusiasts across the globe. Just looking at the trailer, we could sense a similarity that we couldn’t put our finger on. On further research, we realised that the show is created by Darren Star–the genius behind Sex And The City!

The glamourous show revolves around Emily (Lily Collins) who moves to Paris to bring an American perspective to her firm’s global advertising team (yup, getting jealous AF!). Her ambition and commitment to the job are something else but her outfits are definitely a visual treat. Everyone’s talking about them and everyone wants a piece of it. But you know us, our eyes go straight to the makeup looks and honestly we are disappointed because not a lot of people are talking about them. But we shall!

Here are some beauty lessons that you can learn from the American export in Paris, Emily:

Best Beauty Looks Of Emily In Paris


If you think dramatic eye makeup or OTT hairstyles are what we’re going to be talking about today, you’d be disappointed. Because when Emily is in Paris, she goes for minimal makeup and we’re here for it!

Bold Brows For The Win

emily in paris bold brows



The first thing that we noticed are Emily’s full brows. Gone are the days when celebs flaunted overly plucked brows on the red carpet as bold brows are back in fashion.

If your brows have regained their original shape during quarantine, it is actually for the better. Just keep ’em real like Emily and let them do all the talking. Just use a spoolie to sparse them out or a brow gel to tame them.

Wine o’ Clock

emily in paris dark lips and white gown



Winter is coming and that means its time to play with darker lipstick shades. Emily’s wine lips are a definite winner because not only it looks stunning with her pearl white gown.

Keeping her eye makeup to a minimum (it’s the bold brows for me!), a hint of blush and those merlot lips; Emily’s doing amazing slaying in Paris.

We Like Chic Buns And We Cannot Lie

emily in paris audrey hepburn look



She seems to be channelling Audrey Hepburn here, and she looks stunning.

This is perhaps the most talked-about look on the internet and rightfully so. As soon as Emily reached Paris, she quickly becomes BFFs with Mindy Chen who is quick to point out that her fashion is American and she needs to add some *French* elements to her look.

Slowly, her beachy waves become straighter, lip colour gets darker and her outfits transition from loud patterns to a more sophisticated look (although her love for patterns can be seen through the series). But when she debuts this look, it took us a good 5 minutes to pick our jaw up from the floor.

So chic!

A breathtaking, strapless dress paired with a shiny bag, but her hairstyle is everything. We LOVE the diamond hair accessory on her otherwise boring hair bun. 

It Only Takes Two Coats

emily in paris red lips



Two coats of mascara can instantly add a fresh appeal to your look and this pic is proof! Even though it is Emily’s cherry red pout that’s stealing the show, you most definitely cannot ignore her bare, mascara-clad eyes. Just two coats are all it takes, guys! This look is as French as it gets.

Minimal Is Magic

emily in paris makeup looks



In the true French girl style, Emily’s makeup throughout the series is minimal yet beautiful. Not once she’s been seen with eye makeup that’ll take us hours to perfect or applied highlighter that you can see from space.

Loose curls, a hint of blush, bold brows and a perfect lip; Emily’s rocking that minimum makeup and its time we start taking notes.

Which one of Emily’s stunning makeup looks was your favourite?

Featured Image: Instagram

07 Oct 2020

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