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Feeling Foxy: Ditch That Cat-Eye, There’s A New Eyeliner Trend In Town

Feeling Foxy: Ditch That Cat-Eye, There’s A New Eyeliner Trend In Town

The classic black cat-eye is and will forever remain iconic. Celebs like Lana Del Rey, Sonakshi Sinha, Adele, and Ariana Grande cannot get enough of their wings, and honestly neither can we. And even if we do decide to #DitchTheBlack with a brighter shade, the charm of a cat-eye cannot be denied.

But it has been done to death, don’t you think? It has appeared on the glossy pages of fashion magazines, marked its presence on the runaway and even had a few variations that we loved  (remember Deepika’s reverse cat-eye look at Cannes 2019?).

But now, it’s time for a change. As much as we love matching our wings, we are always ready to see what’s the next big thing in the beauty community.

Everyone, say hello to fox eyes!

What Are Fox Eyes?

Inspired by a fox’s eyes (duh) and the upturned eyes of the predator, this new style of defining your eyes aims to elongate them so as to give a chiseled, *I just had a facelift* appearance to your face. But unlike the cat-eye, it requires less liner and lash work but a few complicated steps like gluing your brows!

Before you lose your mind completely, let’s see what the hype is all about!

You’ll need:

– A liquid or a gel eyeliner

– Mascara

– False lashes

– Brown eyeshadow

– Makeup brushes

– Glue

Step 1: Hide Them Brows

Admit it, having great brows is equivalent to having superpowers! But to achieve the perfect fox eye look of our dream, we need  to *alter* our powers…just a little bit.

The idea is to change the shape of the brows, from the perfect arc to straight that tilt towards the temples, just like Bella Hadid’s ( ‘coz not all of us can afford a ponytail brow lift). You can always shave them but please don’t!

Here’s how to do it properly.

Step 2: Contour Your Eyes

Now that your brows are in shape, time to add a more feline touch to your eyes. 

Pull your hair in a high ponytail (it will give the illusion of a longer, more snatched face). Use the power of brown eyeshadow to shape and define those eyes. Feelin’ foxy, eh?

Step 3: Wing It Right

Either use a thin liquid eyeliner or a nice eyeliner to add the final touch. Use your product in the inner corner and the outer corner of your eyes and you’re done. Add your lashes for that final foxy touch and you’re ready for the ‘Gram.

Here’s how to do them properly:


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♬ Can’t Take My Eyes off You – Craymer & AIIVAWN

Well, that was a tad bit complicated, wasn’t it? Here’s a simpler version for you to try today.

I know what eye look I’ll be sporting post-quarantine! Are you up for trying this trending look?

Featured Image: YouTube

22 Jun 2020

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