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10 Foundation Secrets To Make Your Skin Look *Wow* On NYE!

10 Foundation Secrets To Make Your Skin Look *Wow* On NYE!

New Year’s Eve is around the corner and you definitely want to look absolutely stunning as you welcome 2017. Ladies, to look as flawless as possible, it’s very important that you hit the nail on its head, as far as applying your foundation goes. While having the right type and shade of foundation is essential, here are 10 foundation secrets that are going to give you fab looking skin this NYE.

1. Finger, brush or sponge?

1 foundation secrets

It really depends on what you’re best at. Some girls have their technique right using just their index finger, while others use a proper foundation brush to blend the product well. This is a personal choice, ladies. As long as your mantra is to blend till you appear absolutely flawless on NYE, it doesn’t matter if it is your finger, a brush or a sponge.

2. Mix it up

One rule you must not break, come what may, is ensuring that your face is well moisturized as you apply foundation. Dry, flaky skin will come in the way of the foundation blending well into your face and it might end up having an uneven-toned finish. The best thing to do is to mix your foundation, some primer and your moisturizer, and then apply it all together onto your face for the best results. This way your skin will be hydrated and glowy too.

3. Layer after layer

3 foundation secrets

Ladies, patience is key when it comes to applying foundation. You cannot put large amounts of foundation at one time and expect to look flawless. Go layer by layer, and wait for each of them to settle into your skin before you apply the next one. Use small amounts of foundation, blend it well and wait a bit before you go on to apply some more. Follow this and dazzle all at that NYE bash, ladies.

4. Less is more, no really

You will look super glam at the new year’s get-together, we promise. But caking up your face with foundation isn’t the way to do it. Ideally, a pea-sized amount of foundation blended all over your face is the correct amount. Here we want to mention again that blending should be your focus – this way your face will have a more naturally glowy and finished look.

5. One shade lighter isn’t going to help

5 foundation secrets

If you think applying a shade of foundation lighter than your skin tone is going to make you look exceptionally good, you’re mistaken. This can end up looking a tad too OTT, and the idea of makeup is to accentuate your gorgeous features, ladies, not to change them or your skin tone altogether. Use a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly – testing different shades on your face or jaw line before buying the one is a smart way to go about it.

6. Ice ice, baby!

We all have pores on our face, don’t we? Deep cleaning them and then closing them before applying your foundation will give your skin a completely flawless look as you welcome the new year. Icing your face in a circular motion for about 3-5 minutes after washing it and before applying moisturizer will help. You’ve got to try it to believe it, ladies.

7. Centre first

7 foundation secrets

The correct technique used when applying foundation will ensure that you look gorgeous at that party. You have to first apply it drop by drop, in the centre portion of your face. Then use your finger or brush or sponge to blend it outwards, onto the rest of your face.

8. Don’t forget the neck and ears

It’s not just the face, you have to concentrate on your neck area, and ears too. After all, you want your neck and ears to match the flawlessness of your face thanks to applying a good foundation and blending seamlessly. No matter how much of a rush you are in, do not skip the neck and ears, ladies.

9. Set it with spray

9 foundation secrets

You don’t want your foundation melting as you dance through the night, do you? Most of us underestimate the importance of using a good makeup setting spray. Once you’re done with your makeup, spritz on some of that spray as that will ensure your foundation stays put all through the night, as you say hello to 2017. In fact, you can even carry along this spray and apply it every few hours to hydrate your skin and give it a glowy touch.

10. Put on your brightest smile!

Last, but definitely not the least, there’s nothing more flawless and beautiful as a wide and bright smile! Follow our tips and set your foundation right, but don’t forget to wear that gorgeous smile on your face. Happy New Year, y’all!

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27 Dec 2016

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