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The Ultimate (Make-Up) Tool Kit You Need To Perfect Your Base

An uneven, un-blended cakey base is a thing make-up nightmares are made of! We get it, we have all been there. While some of us are pretty old school when it comes to make-up application, especially the base, some trust the tools. There is definitely a science backing up the fact that applying make-up with your hands does help it distribute evenly because of the heat, but there is a copious amount of product wastage sometimes. If you want your base to look like second skin, these babies need to be a part of your make-up kit. Check out these game-changing beauty tools that will help you fake flawless skin!

Even make-up application needs a clear and even base. So here are a few steps to ensure you are prepped and primed.

  • Start with a clean canvas, cleanse well.
  • Never skip moisturiser! Start with moisturised skin. Give your skincare at least 15 minutes to sink in. Prep-time is the best-kept secret of most make-up artists!  
  • Use a primer if you have extremely oily skin or large pores
  • Here are some seriously amazing overnight moisturisers to wake up to gorgeous skin!

Now that you’re a pro at prepping and priming, let’s jump get to know the magnificent tools!

Now that you’ve perfected your base, we’re sure you are looking for some amazing make-up products worth the splurge! Check out these best-selling products!

Published on Dec 4, 2017
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