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All For That Yoga Girl Life? Here’s How You Can Clean Your Mat The Right Way

All For That Yoga Girl Life? Here’s How You Can Clean Your Mat The Right Way

As experts from all kinds of industries across the world predict a changed world after the coronavirus crisis, the truth is that life as we know it has already changed. And as we navigate these changes, some of them are, in fact, paving the way for a healthier lifestyle. 

For starters, our system is getting a nice cleanse because there are no club nights whatsoever, and the food has been all homemade too for the most part for weeks now. Most interestingly of them all, a lot of yoga mats have been rolled out lately, all thanks to the lockdown. In fact, even those who had not worked out for years seem to have effectively converted, courtesy all the home time and lockdown boredom. 

Rest assured, our yoga mats are surely up for some overtime! And as much as we might love the rewarding embraces of our mats after a hearty work out session, it might not be exactly healthy owing to all the dirt and dust on its surface. So it is only wise to give them a proper cleanse every now and then. The “rollout-work out-roll in-tada” formula was never really recommended in the first place. 

However, before you whip out your cleaning equipment, how about you go through a set of sets that’ll help ensure that you are doing it right? Read on:

Begin With The Basics: Frequency

Even if you aren’t using your yoga mat every day, it is advisable to give it a nice wipe at least twice a week. In case, you prefer working out outdoors or tend to sweat a lot, you can also begin each session with a quick wipe. Also, at least once every month you can go for a thorough cleaning and give your mat a machine wash. 


Weekly Cleaning: Wipe, Don’t Soak

Frequently soaking your yoga mat is going to wear it off quickly and reduce its overall life. Thus, when going for weekly cleaning, it is advisable to spritz the surface with a cleaning solution and gently wipe it off with a cloth or sponge. You can also use alcohol wipes for daily wiping. 

Monthly Cleaning: Water, No Soap!

Always machine wash your yoga mats on the gentle mode of your washing machine with minimal or no soap at all. If you use too much detergent here, it might get clogged in your yoga mat and make it slippery in the long run. Also, it is not advisable to use dryer as the heat can easily destroy your mat. Just hang your mat and let it air dry after the wash. Also, before you might catch this desperate urge to hang your yoga mat in the scorching sun after you give it a nice water soak, please be informed that it is a terrible idea. Just like your machine’s dryer, the sun is going to dry up your mat thus making it all stiff and crumpled. 


Use Natural Cleaning Solutions

While a water-based cleanser is what we are advised to use in order to clean our yoga mats, a mild, homemade cleanser works equally well. All you to do is mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle, give it a nice shake, and spritz it on both surfaces of the yoga mat before you clean it off with a cloth.

We Like To Bake It, Bake It

Before you get the wrong idea: we are talking about some baking soda for cleaning and the world knows about the cleaning prowess of this magic ingredient. To get rid of any odours or stickiness from your yoga mat, sprinkle on some baking soda, give it a nice rub, let it sit for 20 minutes and then brush off the excess. That’s it! Easy, peasy, no?

So, folks, all set for a hearty work out session?

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06 May 2020

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