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First wedding night: Hilarious arranged marriage stories!

First wedding night: Hilarious arranged marriage stories!

When it comes to having sex for the first time in an arranged marriage, it’s something that makes most couples anxious. So here are these people who opened up on Reddit about their first time and their arranged marriage stories are really interesting to read. Take a look at these first night after arranged marriage sex stories!

1. The one which was awkward!

Throwaway84953 answers on Reddit: I had an arranged marriage when I was 22. It was quite awkward because we both knew that it SHOULD happen but neither of us was sure how to go about initiating it. Eventually, we started making out after he mumbled something about “doing it” and there was some uncomfortable foreplay with neither of us knowing how to touch the other person. My arranged marriage stories were embarrassing since I wasn’t used to having someone touch me/see me without clothes and particularly a guy.

1 first time after arranged marriage

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2. The one who loved the feeling of being together!

LaughingJackass answers on Reddit:

When you’re under the same roof with your beloved one for the first time, sex is far from being the first thing on your mind, it’s more the feeling of exhilaration that we were going to be together (We both courted over phone for about 6 months before the wedding – or about 600-700 hours hearing each other’s voice).

3. The one who couldn’t seal the deal because there were people all around!

Heavens_Vibe answers on Reddit:

You see, Asian weddings don’t exactly last 1 day, there’s always something extra! You take your wife home, but guess what?! Your house is now packed!! There are people everywhere! Cousins, uncles, aunties everyone! You want them to leave! You want to sleep but they just won’t leave! Finally, it’s 3 am on the first night of your arranged marriage and you’re both somewhat alone, but you’re so tired you just talk and drift off to bed hoping to seal the deal tomorrow.

3 first time after arranged marriage

4. The one who felt shy!

Russianvodka47 answers on Reddit:

We tried sex on our arranged marriage first night and boy it hurts! It took us 4-6 weeks to be comfortable around each other!! But the deed was done in a couple of weeks and I am a very shy person and so I was shy and stupid and did not have fun at all.

5. The one who had a great time!

MsWinchester answers on Reddit:

We were engaged for a year and a half before the wedding and spoke to each other nonstop the entire time. When the first night after arranged marriage came, I think the two of us were just really comfortable with one another or maybe not as conservative as people are because we had sex very easily. Great sex. Right away. It was amazing.

5 first time after arranged marriage

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

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