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Based On Your Zodiac, Here’s Your Bollywood Twin & The Indian Wear Look You’ll Love

Based On Your Zodiac, Here’s Your Bollywood Twin & The Indian Wear Look You’ll Love

Have you ever wondered which Bollywood celebrity’s style is similar to yours? Considering that zodiac is a common factor between the stars and us, it wouldn’t be strange if based on our signs, we had some similar traits, right! Keeping that in mind, we decided to search for our Bollywood twins when it comes to Indian wear, and well, here’s what we got. 

Discover Your Indian Wear Bollywood Twin

Ready to find out who your style matches with? Continue reading to find out. 

Aries—Chitrangada Singh

Distinctive style and drama (loads of it!) are what best defines an Aries, meaning you can rely on them to go all out when it comes to sartorial picks. OTT picks, unique design elements and all the jazz you could think of is this zodiac’s forte, and that includes Indian wear too!

Your Bollywood Twin: Chitrangda Singh
Our Pick: A dramatic-sleeved blouson to go with all your chic drapes. 

Taurus—Anushka Sharma

Material possessions are not something a Taurus will shy away from; they like their collectables and they like it to be equal parts utilitarian and fashion-forward. If you are a Taurus or know one, you will also be aware that they are not likely to settle for something they only half-like (as no one should)!

Your Bollywood Twin: Anushka Sharma
Our Pick: An exquisite cape that can be paired with numerous outfits.

Gemini—Sonam Kapoor

Geminis know what they are getting into, thanks to their curiosity and willingness to stay informed. They might change their mind a couple of times when making a selection, but Geminis are always presentable and have the latest fashion tricks up their sleeves. 

Your Bollywood Twin: Sonam Kapoor
Our Pick: A motif-emblazoned outerwear you can layer on just about everything.

Cancer—Priyanka Chopra

Imaginative as they are, Cancerians like to step out in dynamic looks, no matter what they wear. The people of this zodiac are sentimental, intuitive and have many facets. Don’t be surprised if you see them winning it in sarees, lehengas and the rest of the Indian wear in equal ease.

Your Bollywood Twin: Priyanka Chopra
Our Pick: A quaint saree that will never fail to impress.

Leo—Sara Ali Khan

If anyone likes to be the centre of attention no matter where they are, it’s Leos! Never the wallflowers, these passionate folks are all in for vivid colours, bling and any element that is bound to make heads turn. 

Your Bollywood Twin: Sara Ali Khan
Our Pick: A bright lehenga that will make sure you are the life of the party.

Virgo—Kareena Kapoor Khan

Nobody does attention to detail better than Virgos, who like to be big on the details (not that we have anything to complain about!) Be it prints, patterns, silhouettes or accessories, you can trust a Virgo to be specific and detail-oriented with their Indian wear picks. 

Your Bollywood Twin: Kareena Kapoor Khan
Our Pick: The details that will win you (and everyone else over)!

Libra—Malaika Arora

Hey Libras, we see you and your penchant to match! Symmetry and schemes are this zodiac sign’s strong suit, meaning you could expect some brilliant monochrome looks with details in place.

Your Bollywood Twin: Malaika Arora
Our Pick: The monochrome Indian wear look you have been dreaming about!

Scorpio—Aishwarya Rai

There is no denying the assertiveness and sense of a purpose that drives Scorpios, and the same translates to their fashion choices. TBH, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them making way for a fail-safe pick that can be worked in an array of ways for multiple occasions. 

Your Bollywood Twin: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Our Pick: An embroidered dupatta to elevate all your Indian wear picks. 

Sagittarius—Alaya F

Our dear Saggitarians love all things related to travel, the cultural influences of the many places they see translating to their wardrobe as well. Expect influences and themes from travels, along with a mix of all things modern and traditional. 

Your Bollywood Twin: Alaya F
Our Pick: An uber-cool white top for adding that ‘modern’ element to your Indian wear. 

Capricorn—Deepika Padukone

It’s known that people under this zodiac sign like to keep it effortless, but did you know that a Capricorn enjoys their no-fuss sartorial style to have a bit of tradition in it? It’s safe to say that reliable sarees in classic weaves, prints and patterns are fair game. 

Your Bollywood Twin: Deepika Padukone
Our Pick: A floral saree in a remarkable hue.

Aquarius—Shraddha Kapoor

Remember all that hoarding up and those impulsive buys that we are all guilty of? Well, sorted as they are, Aquarians aren’t tempted easily, meaning all their finds are precisely picked and carefully evaluated. If anyone likes to do their research before spending the monies, it’s this scientific-tempered zodiac!

Your Bollywood Twin: Shraddha Kapoor
Our Pick: An intricately done sharara. 

Pisces—Alia Bhatt

Creative, romantic and inclined towards the arts, Pisceans love fashion and know how to appreciate it too. More often than not, you will find them in dainty drapes, ruffles and just-in iterations that are as unique as it gets in Indian wear.

Your Bollywood Twin: Alia Bhatt
Our Pick: An ideal accessory for your trousseau, just what you were looking for!

If we were you, we would add to cart some beauty finds too. Take a look below and see what fits the bill!

Who is your style twin in Indian wear then?

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24 Aug 2020

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