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Haircare 101: Your Ultimate Guide To Figuring Out What Your Curl Type Is

Haircare 101: Your Ultimate Guide To Figuring Out What Your Curl Type Is

Do you have curly hair? If your hair is unruly, extremely frizzy with loads of volume then you probably do. But you cannot just identify what your hair texture really is like based on the frizz factor. Curls come in different shapes and spirals. Each curl pattern calls for a different approach to styling and so once you identify your curl type, you can style your curls to bring out their natural texture more efficiently. We refer to ‘The Andre Walker Hair Typing System’ (Oprah Winfrey’s hairstylist) to explain and identify which hair category your frizzy hair falls in. 

A Guide To Finding Out Your Curl Type & How Style It Right

There are three types of hair which are: Type 1 is straight hair, Type 2 is wavy hair, Type 3 is curly hair, and Type 4 is kinky curly hair. Each hair type is further sub-classified by letters A, B, and C. Indian curly hair usually falls in the Type 3 categories.

Type 3A

The first type of curly hair, Type 3A hair has large shiny curls that coil loose and form swirls. They are bouncy with definition and tend to be heavy. This hair type also sometimes have mixed curl patterns. Some are S-shaped, some well defined  and some are more like spirals

Concern: The roots look flat, and frizz and flyaways make it look unruly.

Fix: Opt for moisturising curly hair shampoos and conditioners. Apply a heat protectant serum to the lengths and blow-dry the hair with a curl diffuser connected to the dryer; this way the curls will dry with definition and no frizz. To maintain the curls, work in a pea-sized amount of curl cream mixed with a drop of serum to the entire mane. Make sure not to use not more than a pea-sized amount of cream or else your hair will get crunchy and weighed down. Once the product is in, do not touch your hair or it will break the curls and end up frizzy.

Type 3B

The curl texture for 3B hair type is more aggressive and has a coarse spiral pattern. The curl pattern is coily. It curls much tighter than 3A and has more spring to it.  

Concern: This curly hair type can get dry easily and quickly which means it is prone to frizz in no time.

Fix: Wash hair with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Apply serum and let the hair air dry. When the hair is slightly damp, apply a mix of styling conditioner gel, and curl cream to the lengths of your hair and scrunch it carefully.

Type 3C

The curliest of the lot, Type 3C curls are tightly coiled and have a strong spring to them. The mane is thick with lots of volume and it can frizz up badly if the curl pattern is broken.

Concern: The mane can get super frizzy without applying hair products. The hair can also be coarse and dry.

Fix: Wash hair with an ultra-moisturising sulphate-free shampoo that has a creamy consistency and follow up with conditioner. Indulge in an oil treatment once every two weeks. Apply styling products to damp hair only and let it air dry naturally to maintain its integrity. Apply a mix of leave-in cream and serum to damp hair and then take some styling mousse and scrunch it into the hair for definition and control.

Which type of curly hair do you have?

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16 Nov 2021

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