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Scrunching Mistakes That Are Disrupting The Shape Of Your Curls

Scrunching Mistakes That Are Disrupting The Shape Of Your Curls

Have you ever found your natural curls looking unshapely right after styling them? Nourishing curl shampoo and conditioner: check, serum and curl cream: check, scrunching: check. Then, what is the problem? You may have your curly hair rules and products set in place, but there is always more you can learn about styling curls, even though you’ve had this hair texture all your life.

As you already know how tricky curls can be, there is no surprise that the reason your curls are looking off is probably because you are scrunching your hair all wrong. We understand that not every curl pattern is the same, and that could lead to even more confusion when it comes to your scrunching game. That being said, here are a few scrunching mistakes you may be guilty of committing that are costing your curls their glory.

Beware Of These Scrunching Mistakes For Curly Hair

Avoid these scrunching mistakes to keep your curls looking gorgeous.

Scrunching Without Leave-In Products

The biggest mistake you could make with curls is this! Leave-in products offer your mane frizz-control and essential nourishment that will keep your curls hydrated and bouncy. Without leave-in products, your curls are already at a disadvantage because the slightest wind or friction can cause your hair to frizz up. That’s why scrunching without leave-in products can mean trouble for your curly hair. Scrunching causes friction, and with no product to hold the curl in shape, the frizz and even possible breakage is what you will be dealing with. Always try to use a cocktail of leave-in curl products according to your hair type to scrunch your hair with. 

Not Settling The Curls

This is a scrunching mistake that not everyone knows of, but it’s one of the most common mistakes of the lot. Scrunching motions require you to gather sections of your hair and clump it up towards your roots using your palms. But, that’s not all. After doing this make sure to settle your curls by gently guiding the sections back down to its natural length with your fingers. This will ensure your curls are not clumped up at uneven lengths. Settling your curls like this will also not put your scrunching efforts to waste but rather enhance its effects for a beautiful curly mane.

Going Overboard

Over scrunching your hair and touching your hair too much is the root cause of frizz. It will also cause more breakage than you’d think because when you scrunch your hair with your fingers too much, your fingers can steal away essential oils from the strands, leading to dryness and brittle hair. If your hair is damp and you are trying to get the best effects from scrunching, make sure to keep it minimal as damp hair responds well to careful scrunching motions and not too much of it.

Dry Scrunching

If you scrunch your hair when it’s dry, it is bound to frizz up. Even if you have used leave-in products, dry scrunching only means trouble. Always keep a water spray by your side to hydrate your locks before scrunching. This way your curls will stay true to their form.

Using Too Much Product

There is such a thing as too much product. If you use too much product, it will weigh your curls down. Even scrunching won’t help your curls from looking limp. To avoid this, make sure to use the right amount of leave-in conditioners or styling products to get the desired results.

To keep your curls nourished and glossy, always use hair serum and here’s the one that we recommend:

Now that you are aware of these scrunching mistakes, make sure to avoid them at all costs!

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23 Sep 2021

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