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Quarantine & Chill: Feel-Good Reality TV Shows That’ll Help You Escape The Situation IRL

Quarantine & Chill: Feel-Good Reality TV Shows That’ll Help You Escape The Situation IRL

I don’t know about you but I love watching reality TV shows. And no, I don’t dismiss any of them as ‘guilty pleasures’ (including Bigg Boss). They’re great when you need a break from all the drama in the real world, especially right now when we are all cooped up inside our houses right now. The fourth edition of the lockdown was announced earlier this week with a new set of rules. And it looks like, we’re going to have some more extra time in hand, which also means that we have some time to ‘Netflix and chill’ while we wait for a brighter tomorrow. And I say that we all need some feel-good viewing in our lives RN.

So why not watch Nailed It to find some comfort in the fact that it’s not just you making failed attempts in the kitchen. Work from home may have killed your summer dressing dreams, but you sure can take inspiration from Next In Fashion. 

Feel-Good Reality Shows You Can Binge Watch

Keep scrolling to know about the feel-good reality shows that can be your comfort blanket in these tough times.

Grand Designs


If like me, you also dream about building your dream homes brick by brick then this is the show for you. Each episode introduces you to a family that’s building their home. And when I say home, it means really ambitious and quite unusual designs. The show will take you through what exactly does it take to build your dream house. And some houses take years to complete. But trust me, the transformation is all worth it!. Watch the show on Netflix

The Simple Life


In The Simple Life, hotel heiress Paris Hilton and Lionel Richie heiress Nicole Richie get out of their comfort zone. The duo relinquishing their cash, credit cards, and cell phones before they’re dispatched into the real world. In the series, they work at a farm, try their hands at multiple careers, right from undertaking to sausage making. The show is as predictable as it can get because c’mon, we all know these two are not going to be successful in whatever career option they try. We all know who they are, sweet fashionable girls who can’t do any chores. That being said, it’s entertaining to see the duo wreaking havoc on households that take them in. Watch it on Amazon Prime.

Nailed It

If you’re someone who has been failing Every. Freaking. Time you made an attempt to cook that dish you bookmarked on the ‘Gram, you need to watch this show RN! Nailed It features amateur chefs who compete to win $10,000 by baking Pinterest-worthy dishes. Sound fun, right? And well, the results are hilarious. I promise you the show will bring a smile (that too a genuine one) to your face. Watch it on Netflix.

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

They say marriages are made in heaven, so how about getting married at a place that is nothing short of heaven! Turning all their childhood dreams (read every girl’s) to reality, brides finding their happily ever after at the happiest place on earth- Disney parks around the world. You may have guessed it by now. The show brings to you gorgeous weddings organised by Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons team. There are also proposals and anniversaries all of which take place on Disney properties. If you’re a Disney fan, this adorable show is made for you. Trust me, you’re going to feel all the love! Watch it on Disney+ Hotstar.

Next In Fashion

What are you missing the most during this lockdown? If your answer is dressing up for work, for parties, for a day out with your girl gang, add this show to your watchlist, stat. The show features 18 designers who compete to win a prize worth of $250,000 and the chance to debut a collection with Net-a-Porter, a luxury brand. The best part: Queer Eye‘s resident fashion expert, Ran France, and fashion influencer Alexa Chung host the show. Now isn’t that a match made in heaven? Watch it on Netflix.

20 May 2020

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